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Defining URL:http://hl7.org/fhir/ValueSet/referral-type
Name:SNOMED CT Patient Referral
Definition:This value set includes all SNOMED CT Patient Referral.
Committee:Patient Care Work Group
OID:2.16.840.1.113883.4.642.3.503 (for OID based terminology systems)
Copyright:This value set includes content from SNOMED CT, which is copyright © 2002+ International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO), and distributed by agreement between IHTSDO and HL7. Implementer use of SNOMED CT is not covered by this agreement.
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This expansion generated 19 Apr 2017

This value set contains 932 concepts

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4266003 Patient referral for drug addiction rehabilitation
17294003 Patient referral for special education
18781004 Patient referral for vocational rehabilitation
27217005 Patient referral for evaluation, aging problem
28214001 Patient referral for specialized training
31751007 Social service referral of home patient
38670004 Patient referral for alcoholism rehabilitation
41920009 Patient referral for socioeconomic factors
44383000 Patient referral for consultation
54395008 Patient referral for medical consultation
55974000 Patient referral for specialized institutional services
61801003 Patient referral for psychiatric aftercare
62435005 Patient referral for special care, aging problem
69377005 Patient referral for rehabilitation, psychological
78429003 Patient referral for rehabilitation, physical
81294000 Patient referral for psychotherapy
86395003 Patient referral for family planning
103696004 Patient referral to specialist
103697008 Patient referral for dental care
103698003 Patient referral to non-physician provider
103699006 Patient referral to dietitian
103700007 Patient referral to massage therapist
103701006 Patient referral to homeopath
103702004 Patient referral to naturopath
103703009 Patient referral to acupuncturist
103704003 Patient referral to sex therapist
105406002 Referral of patient to certified pastoral caregiver
105407006 Referral of patient to parish chaplain for follow-up care
134403003 Urgent referral
134440006 Referral to heart failure clinic
170223003 Child: refer for surveillance
170224009 Referral of child to medical officer
170225005 Referral of child to school medical officer
170229004 Referral of child to school nurse
170230009 Referral of child to child guidance
183444007 Referral for further care
183515008 Referral to physician
183516009 Referral to general medical service
183517000 Referral to pediatrician
183518005 Dermatological referral
183519002 Referral to cardiology service
183520008 Immunological referral
183521007 Referral to neurology service
183522000 Referral to geriatric medicine service
183523005 Referral to gastroenterology service
183524004 Psychiatric referral
183528001 Referral to psychiatrist for the elderly mentally ill
183529009 Referral to oncologist
183530004 Referral to diabetologist
183532007 Referral to clinical pharmacologist
183541002 Referral to surgeon
183542009 Referral to general surgical service
183543004 Ophthalmological referral
183544005 Referral to ear, nose and throat service
183545006 Orthopedic referral
183546007 Neurosurgical referral
183547003 Pediatric surgical referral
183548008 Referral to obstetrics service
183549000 Gynecological referral
183555005 Burns referral
183557002 Referral to cardiothoracic surgeon
183561008 Referral to GP
183563006 Refer to house officer
183564000 Refer to hospital registrar
183565004 Refer to child medical officer
183567007 Referral to hematologist
183568002 Refer to pain clinic
183569005 Refer to terminal care consult
183583007 Refer to mental health worker
183584001 Referral to community psychiatric nurse
183591003 Refer to partner
183595007 Refer for terminal care
183597004 Refer for colposcopy
183598009 Refer to Radiology department
183606009 Referral for counseling for termination of pregnancy
183608005 Refer to acupuncture
183612004 Refer to occupational health department
183659006 Refer to hospital casualty
183660001 Refer to A & E department
183661002 Refer to hospital eye casualty
183662009 Refer to hospital pediatrics casualty
183664005 Refer to hospital OPD
183683003 Refer to domiciliary physiotherapy
183684009 Referral to Macmillan nurse
183686006 Refer - no direct consultation
183687002 Self-referral to hospital
183688007 General medical self-referral
183689004 General surgical self-referral
183690008 Psychiatric self-referral
183691007 Geriatric self-referral
183692000 Pediatric self-referral
183693005 Gynecological self-referral
183695003 Obstetric self-referral
183696002 Orthopedic self-referral
183697006 ENT self-referral
183699009 Ophthalmology self-referral
183700005 Rheumatology self-referral
183701009 Dermatology self-referral
183702002 Neurology self-referral
183703007 Urology self-referral
183704001 Radiotherapy self-referral
183705000 Hematology self-referral
183706004 Plastic surgery self-referral
183819005 Referral for hematology test
183820004 Refer for microbiological test
183821000 Refer for biochemical test
183822007 Refer for radioimmune assay
183823002 Refer for thyroid test
183824008 Refer for cytological test
183825009 Refer for histology
183826005 Refer for serological testing
183827001 Refer for immunological test
183829003 Refer for imaging
183830008 Refer for X-ray
183831007 Refer for ultrasound investigation
183832000 Refer for NMR scanning
183833005 Refer for CAT scanning
183834004 Refer for medical photography
183835003 Refer for angiogram
183838001 Refer for ECG recording
183839009 Refer for audiometry
183840006 Refer for nerve conduct study
183841005 Refer for lung function test
183842003 Refer for EEG
183843008 Refer to urodynamic studies
183844002 Refer for vascular studies
183851006 Referral to clinic
183852004 Referral to lipid clinic
183853009 Refer to hearing aid clinic
183854003 Referral to audiology clinic
183855002 Referral to orthodontic clinic
183856001 Referral to hypertension clinic
183857005 Referral to developmental clinic
183858000 Referral to varicose vein clinic
183859008 Referral to mammography clinic
183860003 Referral to antenatal clinic
183861004 Referral to postnatal clinic
183862006 Referral to fertility clinic
183863001 Referral to well woman clinic
183864007 Referral to family planning clinic
183866009 Referral to emergency clinic
183867000 Referred to acute chest pain clinic
183868005 Referral to back pain clinic
183874005 Referral for bronchoscopy
183875006 Referral for colonoscopy
183876007 Referral for sigmoidoscopy
183877003 Private referral
183878008 Private referral to general surgeon
183879000 Private referral to ophthalmologist
183880002 Private referral to ENT surgeon
183881003 Private referral to orthopedic surgeon
183882005 Private referral to neurosurgeon
183884006 Private referral to pediatric surgeon
183885007 Private referral to obstetrician
183886008 Private referral to gynecologist
183887004 Private referral to plastic surgeon
183888009 Private referral to oral surgeon
183889001 Private referral to urologist
183890005 Private referral to thoracic surgeon
183891009 Private referral to vascular surgeon
183892002 Private referral to maxillofacial surgeon
183893007 Private referral cardiothoracic surgeon
183894001 Private referral to physician
183895000 Private referral to general physician
183896004 Private referral to pediatrician
183897008 Private referral to dermatologist
183899006 Private referral to cardiologist
183900001 Private referral to immunologist
183901002 Private referral to neurologist
183902009 Private referral to geriatrician
183903004 Private referral to gastroenterologist
183904005 Private referral to psychiatrist
183905006 Private referral to venereologist
183906007 Private referral to rheumatologist
183907003 Private referral to chest physician
183908008 Private referral to psychogeriatrician
183909000 Private referral to oncologist
183910005 Private referral to diabetologist
183911009 Private referral to radiotherapist
183912002 Private referral to clinical pharmacologist
183913007 Private referral to geneticist
183914001 Private referral to anesthetist
183915000 Private referral to endocrinologist
183916004 Private referral to nephrologist
183917008 Referral by nurse
266747000 Referral to private doctor
266749002 Referral to surgical fitter
266752005 Trauma self-referral
266753000 Referral for laboratory tests
266754006 Referral for physiology investigation
266755007 Referral for endoscopy
271363008 Refer to pathology department
274410002 Dental referral - child
275640004 Refer to pathology laboratory
275648006 Refer for medical physics
275821008 Referral of child
276490004 Refer to member of Primary Health Care Team
281097001 Referral for investigation
281098006 Refer to appliance officer
281099003 Referral to nurse
281100006 Referral to health worker
305912004 Referral by health worker
305913009 Referral from audiologist
305914003 Referral by audiological physician
305915002 Referral from community doctor in audiology
305916001 Referral by hearing therapist
305917005 Referral by pediatric audiologist
305918000 Referral by counselor
305919008 Referral by bereavement counselor
305920002 Referral by genetic counselor
305921003 Referral by marriage guidance counselor
305922005 Referral by mental health counselor
305923000 Referral from complementary therapist
305924006 Referral by doctor
305925007 Referral from A & E doctor
305926008 Referral from anesthetist
305927004 Referral from clinical oncologist
305929001 Referral from radiotherapist
305930006 Referral by family planning doctor
305931005 Referral by GP
305932003 Referral from own GP
305933008 Referral by partner of GP
305940009 Referral by ITU specialist
305941008 Referral by adult ITU specialist
305942001 Referral by pediatric ITU specialist
305943006 Referral by pediatrician
305944000 Referral from community pediatrician
305945004 Referral from neonatologist
305946003 Referral from pediatric neurologist
305947007 Referral by pediatric oncologist
305948002 Referral by pain management specialist
305949005 Referral from pathologist
305950005 Referral by blood transfusion doctor
305951009 Referral by chemical pathologist
305952002 Referral from general pathologist
305953007 Referral from hematologist
305954001 Referral from medical microbiologist
305955000 Referral by neuropathologist
305956004 Referral from physician
305957008 Referral by clinical allergist
305958003 Referral from cardiologist
305959006 Referral by chest physician
305960001 Referral from thoracic physician
305961002 Referral from respiratory physician
305962009 Referral by clinical immunologist
305963004 Referral from clinical neurophysiologist
305964005 Referral by clinical pharmacologist
305965006 Referral from clinical physiologist
305966007 Referral by dermatologist
305967003 Referral from endocrinologist
305968008 Referral by gastroenterologist
305970004 Referral by general physician
305971000 Referral from geneticist
305972007 Referral from clinical geneticist
305973002 Referral by clinical cytogeneticist
305974008 Referral from clinical molecular geneticist
305975009 Referral by genitourinary medicine physician
305976005 Referral from care of the elderly physician
305977001 Referral by infectious diseases physician
305978006 Referral from nephrologist
305979003 Referral by neurologist
305980000 Referral from nuclear medicine physician
305981001 Referral by palliative care physician
305983003 Referral by rehabilitation physician
305984009 Referral by rheumatologist
305985005 Referral from psychiatrist
305986006 Referral by child and adolescent psychiatrist
305987002 Referral from forensic psychiatrist
305988007 Referral by liaison psychiatrist
305989004 Referral from psychiatrist for the elderly mentally ill
305990008 Referral by psychiatrist for mental handicap
305991007 Referral from rehabilitation psychiatrist
305992000 Referral by public health physician
305993005 Referral from obstetrician and gynecologist
305994004 Referral by gynecologist
305995003 Referral by obstetrician
305996002 Referral from occupational health physician
305997006 Referral by radiologist
305998001 Referral from surgeon
305999009 Referral by breast surgeon
306000006 Referral from cardiothoracic surgeon
306001005 Referral by thoracic surgeon
306002003 Referral from cardiac surgeon
306003008 Referral from dental surgeon
306004002 Referral by orthodontist
306005001 Referral by pediatric dentist
306006000 Referral by restorative dentist
306007009 Referral by ENT surgeon
306008004 Referral by endocrine surgeon
306009007 Referral from gastrointestinal surgeon
306010002 Referral by general gastrointestinal surgeon
306011003 Referral by upper GI surgeon
306012005 Referral by colorectal surgeon
306013000 Referral by general surgeon
306014006 Referral from hand surgeon
306015007 Referral by hepatobiliary surgeon
306016008 Referral from neurosurgeon
306017004 Referral by ophthalmologist
306018009 Referral from oral surgeon
306019001 Referral from orthopedic surgeon
306020007 Referral by pediatric surgeon
306021006 Referral by pancreatic surgeon
306022004 Referral from plastic surgeon
306023009 Referral from transplant surgeon
306024003 Referral by trauma surgeon
306025002 Referral from urologist
306026001 Referral by vascular surgeon
306027005 Referral from clinical nurse specialist
306028000 Referral by breast care nurse
306029008 Referral from cardiac rehabilitation nurse
306030003 Referral by contact tracing nurse
306031004 Referral from continence nurse
306032006 Referral by diabetic liaison nurse
306033001 Referral by genitourinary nurse
306034007 Referral from Macmillan nurse
306035008 Referral by Marie Curie nurse
306036009 Referral by lymphedema care nurse
306037000 Referral from nurse behavioral therapist
306038005 Referral from nurse psychotherapist
306039002 Referral by pain management nurse
306040000 Referral by pediatric nurse
306041001 Referral by psychiatric nurse
306042008 Referral from oncology nurse
306043003 Referral from rheumatology nurse specialist
306044009 Referral by stoma nurse
306045005 Referral from community-based nurse
306046006 Referral by community psychiatric nurse
306047002 Referral from company nurse
306048007 Referral by district nurse
306050004 Referral by practice nurse
306051000 Referral from school nurse
306052007 Referral by midwife
306053002 Referral by community-based midwife
306054008 Referral from hospital midwife
306055009 Referral by psychotherapist
306056005 Referral from professional allied to medicine
306057001 Referral by arts therapist
306059003 Referral from art therapist
306060008 Referral by dance therapist
306061007 Referral from drama therapist
306062000 Referral by music therapist
306063005 Referral from play therapist
306064004 Referral by audiology technician
306065003 Referral by podiatrist
306066002 Referral from community-based podiatrist
306067006 Referral by hospital-based podiatrist
306068001 Referral from dietitian
306069009 Referral by community-based dietitian
306070005 Referral by hospital dietitian
306071009 Referral by occupational therapist
306072002 Referral from community occupational therapist
306073007 Referral by social services department occupational therapist
306074001 Referral by hospital-based occupational therapist
306076004 Referral by orthoptist
306077008 Referral from orthotist
306078003 Referral by surgical fitter
306079006 Referral from physiotherapist
306080009 Referral by community-based physiotherapist
306081008 Referral from hospital physiotherapist
306082001 Referral by radiographer
306083006 Referral from therapeutic radiographer
306085004 Referral from diagnostic radiographer
306086003 Referral by speech and language therapist
306087007 Referral from community-based speech and language therapist
306088002 Referral by hospital-based speech and language therapist
306089005 Referral from pharmacist
306090001 Referral by social worker
306091002 Referral by SSD social worker
306092009 Referral by social services department care manager
306093004 Referral from teacher
306094005 Referral by lip/speech-reading teacher
306095006 Referral by teacher of the deaf
306096007 Referral from teacher of the hearing impaired
306097003 Referral by school teacher
306098008 Referral by self
306099000 Referral by carer
306100008 Referral by relative
306101007 Referral to establishment
306102000 Referral to primary health care clinic
306103005 Referral to department
306104004 Referral to casualty service
306105003 Referral to anesthetic service
306106002 Referral to ITU service
306107006 Referral to adult intensive care service
306108001 Referral to pediatric intensive care service
306109009 Referral to pain management service
306110004 Referral to medical service
306111000 Referral to clinical allergy service
306112007 Referral to chest medicine service
306113002 Referral to thoracic medicine service
306114008 Referral to respiratory medicine service
306115009 Referral to clinical neurophysiology service
306116005 Referral to clinical pharmacology service
306117001 Referral to clinical physiology service
306118006 Referral to endocrinology service
306119003 Referral to genetics service
306120009 Referral to clinical genetics service
306121008 Referral to clinical cytogenetics service
306122001 Referral to clinical molecular genetics service
306123006 Referral to genitourinary medicine service
306124000 Referral to infectious diseases service
306125004 Referral to nephrology service
306126003 Referral to nuclear medicine service
306127007 Referral to rheumatology service
306128002 Referral to pediatric service
306129005 Referral to community pediatric service
306130000 Referral to pediatric neurology service
306131001 Referral to pediatric oncology service
306132008 Referral to special care baby unit
306133003 Referral to obstetrics and gynecology service
306134009 Referral to child and adolescent psychiatry service
306135005 Referral to forensic psychiatry service
306136006 Referral to liaison psychiatry service
306137002 Referral to mental handicap psychiatry service
306138007 Referral to psychogeriatric service
306139004 Referral to rehabilitation psychiatry service
306140002 Referral to clinical oncology service
306141003 Referral to radiotherapy service
306142005 Referral to ultrasonography service
306143000 Referral to computerized tomography service
306144006 Referral to magnetic resonance imaging service
306145007 Referral to blood transfusion service
306146008 Referral to chemical pathology service
306147004 Referral to general pathology service
306148009 Referral to hematology service
306149001 Referral to medical microbiology service
306150001 Referral to neuropathology service
306151002 Referral to public health service
306152009 Referral to occupational health service
306153004 Referral to professional allied to medicine service
306154005 Referral to arts therapy services
306156007 Referral to dance therapy service
306157003 Referral to drama therapy service
306158008 Referral to music therapy service
306159000 Referral to play therapy service
306160005 Referral to podiatry service
306161009 Referral to community podiatry service
306162002 Referral to hospital-based podiatry service
306163007 Referral to dietetics service
306164001 Referral to community-based dietetics service
306165000 Referral to hospital dietetics service
306166004 Referral to occupational therapy service
306167008 Referral to community-based occupational therapy service
306168003 Referral to hospital occupational therapy service
306169006 Referral to medical physics service
306170007 Referral to physiotherapy service
306171006 Referral to community-based physiotherapy service
306172004 Referral to hospital physiotherapy service
306173009 Referral to speech and language therapy service
306174003 Referral to community-based speech and language therapy service
306175002 Referral to hospital speech and language therapy service
306176001 Referral to orthoptics service
306177005 Referral to orthotics service
306178000 Referral to surgical fitting service
306179008 Referral to pharmacy service
306180006 Referral to surgical service
306181005 Referral to breast surgery service
306182003 Referral to cardiothoracic surgery service
306184002 Referral to thoracic surgery service
306185001 Referral to cardiac surgery service
306186000 Referral to dental surgery service
306187009 Referral to orthodontics service
306188004 Referral to pediatric dentistry service
306189007 Referral to restorative dentistry service
306190003 Referral to endocrine surgery service
306191004 Referral to gastrointestinal surgery service
306192006 Referral to general GI surgery service
306193001 Referral to upper gastrointestinal surgery service
306194007 Referral to colorectal surgery service
306195008 Referral to hepatobiliary surgical service
306197000 Referral to pancreatic surgery service
306198005 Referral to plastic surgery service
306199002 Referral to surgical transplant service
306200004 Referral to trauma surgery service
306201000 Referral to urology service
306202007 Referral to care of the elderly day hospital
306203002 Referral to psychiatry day hospital
306204008 Referral to old age psychiatry day hospital
306205009 Referral to hospice
306206005 Referral to service
306207001 Referral to audiological service
306208006 Referral to diagnostic audiology service
306209003 Referral to adult diagnostic audiology service
306210008 Referral to pediatric diagnostic audiology service
306211007 Referral to audiological screening service
306212000 Referral to neonatal audiological screening
306213005 Referral to distraction test audiological screening
306214004 Referral to aural rehabilitation service
306215003 Referral to cochlear implant service
306216002 Referral to adult cochlear implant service
306217006 Referral to pediatric cochlear implant service
306218001 Referral to hearing aid service
306219009 Referral to adult hearing aid service
306220003 Referral to pediatric hearing aid service
306221004 Referral to speech-reading training service
306222006 Referral to tinnitus management service
306223001 Referral to hearing therapy service
306224007 Referral to ALD service
306225008 Referral to counseling service
306226009 Referral to mental health counseling service
306227000 Referral for mental health counseling
306228005 Referral for diagnostic investigation
306229002 Referral for domiciliary visit
306230007 Referral for dermatology DV
306231006 Referral for general medical domiciliary visit
306232004 Referral for general surgery DV
306233009 Referral for care of the elderly domiciliary visit
306234003 Referral for mental illness domiciliary visit
306235002 Referral to endoscopy service
306236001 Referral to open access service
306237005 Referral for palliative care
306238000 Referral to Social Services
306239008 Referral to SSD customer services
306240005 Referral to social services department duty team
306241009 Referral to audiological physician
306242002 Referral to audiological scientist
306243007 Referral to community doctor in audiology
306244001 Referral to medical technical officer in audiology
306245000 Referral to hearing therapist
306246004 Referral to registered hearing aid dispenser
306247008 Referral to pediatric audiologist
306248003 Referral to complementary therapist
306249006 Referral to bereavement counselor
306250006 Referral to genetic counselor
306251005 Referral to marriage guidance counselor
306252003 Referral to mental health counselor
306253008 Referral to doctor
306254002 Refer to casualty officer
306255001 Referral to anesthetist
306256000 Refer to radiotherapist
306257009 Referral to family planning doctor
306258004 Referral to ITU specialist
306259007 Referral to adult intensive care specialist
306260002 Referral to pediatric intensive care specialist
306261003 Referral to community pediatrician
306262005 Referral to neonatologist
306263000 Referral to pediatric neurologist
306264006 Referral to pediatric oncologist
306265007 Referral to pain management specialist
306266008 Referral to pathologist
306267004 Referral to blood transfusion doctor
306268009 Referral to chemical pathologist
306269001 Referral to general pathologist
306270000 Referral to medical microbiologist
306271001 Referral to neuropathologist
306272008 Referral to clinical allergist
306273003 Referral to chest physician
306274009 Referral to thoracic physician
306275005 Referral to respiratory physician
306276006 Referral to clinical neurophysiologist
306277002 Referral to clinical physiologist
306278007 Referral to endocrinologist
306279004 Referral to clinical geneticist
306280001 Referral to clinical cytogeneticist
306281002 Referral to clinical molecular geneticist
306282009 Referral to sexually transmittable diseases physician
306284005 Referral to infectious diseases physician
306285006 Referral to medical ophthalmologist
306286007 Referral to nephrologist
306287003 Referral to nuclear medicine physician
306288008 Referral to palliative care physician
306289000 Referral to rehabilitation physician
306290009 Referral to rheumatologist
306291008 Referral to child and adolescent psychiatrist
306292001 Referral to forensic psychiatrist
306293006 Referral to liaison psychiatrist
306294000 Referral to psychiatrist for mental handicap
306295004 Referral to rehabilitation psychiatrist
306296003 Referral to public health physician
306297007 Referral to obstetrician and gynecologist
306298002 Referral to occupational health physician
306299005 Referral to radiologist
306300002 Referral to breast surgeon
306301003 Referral to thoracic surgeon
306302005 Referral to cardiac surgeon
306303000 Referral to dental surgeon
306304006 Referral to orthodontist
306305007 Referral to pediatric dentist
306306008 Referral to restorative dentist
306307004 Referral to endocrine surgeon
306308009 Referral to GI surgeon
306309001 Referral to general gastrointestinal surgeon
306310006 Referral to upper GI surgeon
306311005 Referral to colorectal surgeon
306312003 Referral to hand surgeon
306313008 Referral to hepatobiliary surgeon
306314002 Referral to pancreatic surgeon
306315001 Referral to plastic surgeon
306316000 Referral to transplant surgeon
306317009 Referral to trauma surgeon
306318004 Referral to urologist
306319007 Referral to agency nurse
306320001 Referral to clinical nurse specialist
306321002 Referral to breast care nurse
306322009 Referral to cardiac rehabilitation nurse
306323004 Referral to contact tracing nurse
306324005 Referral to continence nurse
306325006 Referral to genitourinary nurse
306326007 Referral to Marie Curie nurse
306327003 Referral to lymphedema care nurse
306328008 Referral to nurse behavioral therapist
306329000 Referral to nurse psychotherapist
306330005 Referral to pain management nurse
306331009 Referral to pediatric nurse
306332002 Referral to psychiatric nurse
306333007 Referral to oncology nurse
306334001 Referral to rheumatology nurse specialist
306335000 Referral to community nurse
306336004 Referral to company nurse
306337008 Referral to liaison nurse
306338003 Referral to nurse practitioner
306339006 Referral to outreach nurse
306340008 Referral to research nurse
306341007 Referral to community midwife
306342000 Referral to hospital-based midwife
306343005 Referral to psychotherapist
306344004 Referral to professional allied to medicine
306345003 Referral to arts therapist
306347006 Referral to dance therapist
306348001 Referral to drama therapist
306349009 Referral to music therapist
306350009 Referral to play therapist
306351008 Referral to community-based podiatrist
306352001 Referral to hospital-based podiatrist
306353006 Referral to community dietitian
306354000 Referral to hospital-based dietitian
306355004 Referral to community occupational therapist
306356003 Referral to social services department occupational therapist
306357007 Referral to hospital occupational therapist
306358002 Referral to community-based physiotherapist
306359005 Referral to hospital physiotherapist
306360000 Referral to community-based speech and language therapist
306361001 Referral to hospital speech and language therapist
306362008 Referral to pharmacist
306363003 Referral to radiographer
306364009 Referral to therapeutic radiographer
306365005 Referral to diagnostic radiographer
306366006 Referral to social services department social worker
306367002 Referral to SSD care manager
306368007 Referral to teacher
306369004 Referral to lip/speech-reading teacher
306370003 Referral to teacher of the deaf
306371004 Referral to teacher of the hearing impaired
306722007 Referral by agency nurse
306723002 Referral from liaison nurse
306724008 Referral by nurse practitioner
306725009 Referral from outreach nurse
306726005 Referral by research nurse
306730008 Referral for gastroscopy
306734004 Referral by general dental surgeon
306735003 Referral to general dental surgery service
306736002 Referral to general dental surgeon
306802002 Referral to stroke service
306929006 Referral to hand surgery service
306934005 Referral to vascular surgery service
307061004 Referral by clinical hematologist
307063001 Referral to clinical hematologist
307373005 Referral to acute pain service
307374004 Referral to rehabilitation service
307375003 Referral to head injury rehabilitation
307376002 Referral to community rehabilitation
307377006 Referral to young disabled service
307378001 Referral to assessment service
307379009 Referral to child assessment service
307380007 Referral to swallow clinic
307777008 Referral to vascular surgeon
307834000 Referral by person
307835004 Referral by service
307836003 Referral by establishment
307837007 Referral to person
308250002 Referral to complementary therapy service
308435009 Referral to practice nurse
308436005 Refer to district nurse
308439003 Referral to midwife
308440001 Referral to social worker
308447003 Refer to physiotherapist
308448008 Referral to counselor
308449000 Refer to chiropractor
308450000 Referral to osteopath
308451001 Referral to podiatrist
308452008 Refer to speech therapist
308453003 Referral to occupational therapist
308454009 Referral to orthoptist
308455005 Refer to orthotist
308456006 Referral to audiologist
308457002 Refer to stoma nurse
308458007 Referral to diabetic liaison nurse
308459004 Referral to psychologist
308460009 Referral to colposcopy service
308461008 Referral to radiology service
308462001 Referral to pathology service
308463006 Refer to community day center
308464000 Refer to day hospital
308465004 Referral to optometrist
308466003 Refer to school nurse
308468002 Referral to coroner
308469005 Referral to geneticist
308470006 Referral to general physician
308471005 Referral to cardiologist
308472003 Referral to dermatologist
308473008 Referral to clinical immunologist
308474002 Referral to neurologist
308475001 Referral to care of the elderly physician
308476000 Referral to gastroenterologist
308477009 Referral to psychiatrist
308478004 Referral to general surgeon
308479007 Referral to ophthalmologist
308480005 Referral to ear, nose and throat surgeon
308481009 Referral to orthopedic surgeon
308482002 Referral to neurosurgeon
308483007 Referral to pediatric surgeon
308484001 Referral to obstetrician
308485000 Referral to gynecologist
309046007 Private referral to surgeon
309619003 Child referral for audiology
309620009 Child referral for audiometry
309622001 Child referral- speech therapy
309623006 Child referral to optician
309624000 Child referral - ophthalmology
309625004 Referral to psychology service
309626003 Child referral - school psychologist
309627007 Child referral - clinical psychologist
309628002 Child referral - physiotherapy
309629005 Child referral - community dentist
309630000 Child referral-social services
310353008 Referral for 24 hour blood pressure recording
310354002 Referral for 24 hour ECG
310355001 Referral for exercise ECG
310434002 Self-referral to service
310449005 Referral to hospital
310514000 Referral by medical oncologist
310515004 Referral to medical oncologist
310519005 Referral to appliance service
312047007 Referral to cosmetic camouflage service
312051009 Referral to charitable service
312487009 Referral to pediatric cardiologist
312488004 Referral to community child health doctor
312856000 Referral to diabetes nurse
313186001 Referral to breast clinic
315015006 Referral to rapid access chest pain clinic
315232003 Referral to stop-smoking clinic
384711009 Referral to maxillofacial surgery service
384712002 Referral to oral surgery service
387624005 Referral by optician
387625006 Referral by optometrist
390791001 Referral for echocardiography
390797002 Referral to respiratory rapid response team
390807002 Referral to private state registered podiatry service
390841005 Referral to retinal screener
390857005 Referral to community alcohol team
390864007 Referral for exercise therapy
390866009 Referral to mental health team
390881003 Referral to GP - beta-blocker management
390882005 Referral to GP - aspirin management
390883000 Referral to GP - lipid management
390890005 Refer to diabetic foot screener
390893007 Referral to physical activity program
390983001 Referral for dual energy X-ray photon absorptiometry scan
390984007 Referral for quantitative ultrasound scan
391033001 Refer to osteoporosis specialist
391034007 Refer for falls assessment
391104004 Referral to soft tissue injury clinic
395700008 Referral to smoking cessation advisor
396104000 Referral to urology service for hematuria
396150002 Referral for substance abuse
396151003 Referral to urology service for elevated PSA
396158009 Referral for therapeutic abortion
396159001 Referral to rheumatology service for osteoarthritis
396185002 Referral to urology service for recurrent female urinary tract infection
397593002 Referral by emergency medical admissions unit
397603003 Referral by general dental practitioner
397654003 Referral by consultant - domiciliary visit
397671002 Referral by consultant
397684006 Referral by prosthetist
397721007 Referral by Accident and Emergency
397722000 Referral by community dental service
398752005 Referral to weight maintenance regimen service
398852003 Referral to community retinal screening service
398855001 Referral for eye ultrasound
400973003 Referral to eating disorders clinic
400992001 Refer to community physiotherapist
401266006 Referral to drug abuse counselor
406158007 Referral to oral surgeon
406159004 Referral to maxillofacial surgeon
408285001 Refer to pediatric dietitian
408286000 Referral to footcare protection program
408288004 Refer to multidisciplinary footcare team
408289007 Refer to weight management program
408342007 Referral to tissue viability nurse specialist
408383005 Referral for cataract extraction
408493004 Referral for DXA scan of hip and spine
408494005 Referral for DXA scan of forearm
408495006 Referral for DXA scan of heel
408496007 Referral for quantitative ultrasound scan of heel
412712007 Referral to sexually transmitted infections clinic
412717001 Referral to osteoporosis clinic
412773009 Referral to stroke clinic
413082001 Referral for carotid doppler
413087007 Referral to respiratory nurse specialist
413125004 Referral to voluntary service
413127007 Referral to learning disability team
413159000 Referral to musculoskeletal clinic
413293006 Patient to initiate further contact
414230000 Family/carer referral to diabetes structured education program
415260000 Referral for minor surgery
415261001 Referral for spirometry
415262008 Referral for termination of pregnancy
415263003 Referral for warfarin monitoring
415264009 Referral to advanced primary nurse
415265005 Referral to asthma clinic
415266006 Referral to cataract clinic
415267002 Referral to community nursery nurse
415268007 Referral to dermatology nurse specialist
415269004 Referral to diabetes preconception counseling clinic
415270003 Referral to diabetes structured education program
415271004 Referral to education service
415272006 Referral to genitourinary clinic
415273001 Referral to glaucoma clinic
415274007 Referral to incontinence clinic
415275008 Referral to male urology clinic
415276009 Referral to memory clinic
415277000 Referral to pediatric endocrinologist
415278005 Referral to psychosexual clinic
415279002 Referral to rheumatology clinic
416076006 Referral to pediatric dermatology service
416116000 Referral to home registered dietitian
416194003 Referral for neuropsychological testing
416291002 Referral to pediatric service for acne
416414009 Referral for home intravenous medication administration
416422002 Referral for bipolar disorder
416457004 Referral to vasectomy clinic
416492007 Referral for sweat chloride test
416609002 Referral for home tube feeding instruction
416790000 Referral for home physical therapy
416851006 Referral to community matron
416977004 Referral to minor ailments clinic
416999007 Private referral to physiotherapist
417033000 Referral for home based phlebotomy
417038009 Referral for dialysis
417073006 Referral for hematuria
417096006 Referral to community drug and alcohol team
417105002 Referral for perinatal home care
417146007 Referral to heart failure nurse
417153003 Referral for home nurse visit
417158007 Referral to psycho-educational group
417213009 Referral to hospital-based discharge planning
417282008 Referral for proteinuria test
417291007 Referral to epidural anesthesia for reflex sympathetic dystrophy
417311009 Referral to pediatric cardiology service
417421000 Referral for pediatric arrhythmia
417504006 Referral to epidural anesthesia service
417511005 Referral to home health care service
417546002 Referral for pediatric congenital heart disease
417577000 Refer to early pregnancy unit
417699000 Referral to drug treatment center
417708006 Referral to long term care service
417724007 Referral to epidural anesthesia for spinal pain
425971006 Referral to pediatric pulmonologist
428573000 Referral to diagnostic nuclear medicine service
428574006 Referral to enuresis clinic
429201005 Referral to therapeutic nuclear medicine service
429365000 Referral to pediatric gastroenterologist
429387009 Referral by psychologist
429709006 Referral by osteopath
429711002 Referral for radionuclide myocardial perfusion study
431183005 Referral to endodontic service
431260004 Referral to specialist alcohol treatment service
431340005 Referral to breast feeding peer support service
431550007 Referral to periodontic service
431551006 Referral to prosthodontic service
431719007 Referral to domestic violence advocate
431883007 Referral to deep vein thrombosis clinic
433151006 Referral to educational psychologist
437950007 Referral to pediatric occupational therapy service
438517001 Referral to sleep clinic
439163006 Referral for medical termination of pregnancy
439306007 Referral to pregnancy counseling service
439310005 Referral for surgical termination of pregnancy
442135008 Referral to infectious disease clinic
442305005 Referral for ambulatory electrocardiogram
444543005 Referral to social services for adult protection
697982000 Referral to surgical transplant service for renal transplant evaluation
698559005 Referral to tropical medicine clinic
698560000 Referral to sleep apnea clinic
698561001 Referral to nurse case manager
698562008 Referral to hypnotherapist
698563003 Referral to bariatric surgeon
698564009 Referral for obstetric ultrasound scan
698565005 Referral by podiatric surgeon
698599008 Private referral to breast surgeon
698943000 Referral to nurse complex case manager
700125004 Referral to pediatric gynecology service
700274009 Referral for procedure
700275005 Referral for anesthesia consultation
700282009 Referral for anesthesia management
700432001 Referral to hematuria clinic
702475000 Referral to clinical trial
702540003 Referral for spirometry reversibility test
702982008 Referral to voluntary support service for carers
703155005 Referral to maternity service
703939004 Referral for cryopreservation
703944006 Referral for decongestive lymphatic therapy
703974003 Private referral to colorectal surgeon
703975002 Private referral to podiatrist
703976001 Private referral to radiologist
703978000 Referral to primary care service
704031007 Referral for overseas medical treatment
704048004 Referral to erectile dysfunction clinic
704050007 Referral to cardiac rehabilitation program
704095000 Referral to heart failure exercise program
704124006 Referral for manual lymphatic drainage
705146005 Referral to transient ischemic attack clinic
710005006 Referral to physical training instructor
710908005 Referral to self help service
710909002 Referral to religious service
710910007 Referral to legal service
710911006 Referral to housing service
710912004 Referral to funeral service
710913009 Referral to financial service
710914003 Referral to family therapy
710915002 Referral to community service
710916001 Referral to breastfeeding education class during prenatal period
711281004 Referral to support group
713109004 Referral to community meals service
713146000 Referral to health aide service
713400007 Referral to medical emergency team
713442009 Referral to cardiac rapid response team
715159005 Referral to diabetes service
715161001 Referral to burns service
715189003 Referral to critical care service
715962007 Referral to sport and exercise medicine service
716634006 Referral to neurological physiotherapist


See the full registry of value sets defined as part of FHIR.

Explanation of the columns that may appear on this page:

LevelA few code lists that FHIR defines are hierarchical - each code is assigned a level. In this scheme, some codes are under other codes, and imply that the code they are under also applies
SourceThe source of the definition of the code (when the value set draws in codes defined elsewhere)
CodeThe code (used as the code in the resource instance). If the code is in italics, this indicates that the code is not selectable ('Abstract')
DisplayThe display (used in the display element of a Coding). If there is no display, implementers should not simply display the code, but map the concept into their application
DefinitionAn explanation of the meaning of the concept
CommentsAdditional notes about how to use the code