FHIR Release 3 (STU)

This page is part of the FHIR Specification (v3.0.2: STU 3). The current version which supercedes this version is 4.3.0. For a full list of available versions, see the Directory of published versions

Maturity Level: N/ABallot Status: Informative

The FHIR community meets as part of the wider HL7 community and draws on its extensive human resources, institutional memory, previous standards and corporate support. HL7 itself owns FHIR and makes it freely available and the community relies on HL7 provided infrastructure.

Te FHIR community gathers, meets, or communicates using the following infrastructure, provided by HL7 directly, or by the the HL7 FHIR Foundation :

In addition, the community holds regular face to face connectathons and meetings as part of the HL7 Working Group meetings . The formal governance arrangements that manage FHIR development are documented on HL7's wiki .

FHIR is a specification produced by the HL7 Community. Many individuals and organizations contribute to the FHIR specification. Of particular note:

  • Contributers and Editors:
    • James Agnew (University Health Network)
    • David Booth (DBooth)
    • Yishen Chen (University of Illinois)
    • Chris Courville (Epic)
    • Bo Dagnall (HP)
    • Rick Geimer (Lantana)
    • Grahame Grieve (Health Intersections)
    • Eric Haas (Health eData)
    • Richard Ettema (Aegis)
    • Rob Hausam (Hausam Consulting)
    • David Hay (Orion Health)
    • Simone Heckmann (Gefyra)
    • Alexander Henket (NICTIZ)
    • Tony Julian (Mayo Clinic)
    • Paul Knapp (Knapp Consulting)
    • Ewout Kramer (Furore)
    • Brett Marquard (River Rock Associates)
    • Lloyd McKenzie (Gevity)
    • Josh Mandel (Verily)
    • John Moehrke (By Light)
    • Michelle M Miller (Cerner)
    • Viet Nguyen (Leidos)
    • Melva Peters (Gevity)
    • Brian Postlethwaite (Telstra Health)
    • Bryn Rhodes (Database Consulting Group)
    • Chris Schuler (Database Consulting Group)
    • Harold Solbrig (Mayo Clinic)
    • Andy Stechishin (CANA Software & Services Ltd)
    • Cooper Thompson (Epic)
  • In addition, the editors and contributers thank the following individuals for key past contributions: Lorraine Constable, Jean-Henri Duteau, Hugh Glover, Patrick Loyd, Joginder Madra, Claude Nanjo, Chris Nickerson, Rik Smithies
  • The Management group is Hans Buitendijk, Grahame Grieve, David Hay, Paul Knapp, Josh Mandel, Lloyd McKenzie, John Moehrke, Brian Pech, Brian Postlethwaite and Wayne Kubick. (Former members: Woody Beeler, Lorraine Constable, Jean Duteau, Hugh Glover, Ron Parker and John Quinn)
  • The Governance board is Calvin Beebe, Woody Beeler, Lorraine Constable, Grahame Grieve, David Hay, Ewout Kramer, Wayne Kubrik, Cecil Lynch, Lloyd McKenzie, John Quinn and Dave Shaver
  • The FHIR specification includes content developed by or reviewed by the following HL7 Work Groups : Application Implementation and Design , Community Based Collaborative Care , Clinical Decision Support , Clinical Genomics , Clinical Quality Information , Health Care Devices , Electronic Health Records , FHIR Infrastructure , Financial Management , Health Standards Integration , Imaging Integration , Infrastructure And Messaging , Implementable Technology Specifications , Modeling and Methodology , Orders and Observations , Patient Administration , Patient Care , Public Health and Emergency Response , Pharmacy , Regulated Clinical Research Information Management , Structured Documents , Security , US Realm Taskforce , Vocabulary
  • In addition, some resources were developed in coordination with the following organizations: DICOM and IHE
  • Invaluable support through review of ballots and/or participation in FHIR formal QA processes was provided by: Tomasz Adamusiak, Marla Albitz, Al Amyot, Elaine Ayres, Larry Babb, Yongjian Bao, Nagesh Bashyam, Randy Bates, Calvin Beebe, Woody Beeler, Ruth Berge, Peter Bernhardt, Andrew Berry, Bernd Blobel, Andy Bond, Keith Boone, Aziz Boxwala , Laura Bright, Helen Broberg, Hans Buitendijk, Carl Burnett, Dave Carlson, Victor Chai, Dennis Cheung, George Cole, Sheila Connolly, Kathleen Connor, Teresa Conway, Todd Cooper, Carmela Couderc, Guilherme Del Fiol, Savithri Devaraj, Gary Dickinson, Robert Dieterle, Gay Dolin, Bob Dollin, Jean Duteau, Michael Ekaireb, Sergio Enriquez, David Fallas, Sam Forouzi, Rick Geimer, Zabrina Gonzaga, William Goosen, Will Gordon, Matthew Graham, Ollie Gray, Andy Gregorowicz, Grahame Grieve, Wei Guo, Eric Haas, Stelios Halkiotis, Russel Hamm, Yegor Hanov, Smita Hastak, John Hatem, Rob Hausam, David Hay, Mike Henderson, Yan Heras, Scott Hollington, Rob Horn, Wendy Huang, Lenel James, Hozefa Jerapurwala, Emma Jones, Peter Jordan, Anthony Julian, Diego Kaminker, Naqi Khan, Bushra Khatoon, Richard Kavanagh, Kensaku Kawamoto, Thomson Khun, Ted Klein, Paul Knapp, Simon Knee, Helmut Koenig, Ewout Kramer, Mark Kramer, James Kretz, Eric Larson, Khalid Latif, Michael Lawley, Russ Leftwich, Hugo Leroux, Ben Levy, Daniel Loewenstein, Stefano Lotti, Pegeen Long, Patrick Loyd, Thomas Lukasik, Jay Lyle, Josh Mandel, Perry Mar, Brett Marquard, Rute Martins, Jason Mathews , Vince McCauley, Robert McClure, Clem McDonald, Lloyd McKenzie, Tim McNeil, Riki Merrick, Bob Milius, Michelle M Miller, Zoran Milosevic, John Moehrke, Rick Moore, Sean Moore, Saurabh Moudgil, Galen Mulrooney, Steve Munini, Stephen Munro, Ray Murakami, Ankur Nagpal, Claude Nanjo, Dale Nelson, Shamil Nizamov, Frank Oemig, Tom Oniki, Nancy Orvis, Bryn Palmer, David Parker, Brian Pech, Vadim Peretokin, Melva Peters, Vasil Peytchev, Balaji Pinjala, Fran Pivonka, Ravindran Padmanabhan, Dave Pyke, Gila Pyke, Stan Rankins, Gordon Raup, Dianne Reeves, Greg Rehwoldt, Bryn Rhodes , Wes Rishel, Mitra Rocca, Michael Rossman, Iryna Roy, Daniel Rutz, Rob Savage, Brian Scheller, Amnon Shabo, Avinash Shanbhag, Kevin Shekleton, Ioana Singureanu, Anne Smith, Rik Smithies, Harry Solomon, Corey Spears, Rene Spronk, Andy Stechishin, Howard Strasberg, Jenni Syed, David Tao, Beth Tenorio, Sylvia Thun, Leslie Tompkins, Chris Toomey, Andrew Torres, Mollie Ullman-Coliere, Cary Ussery, Michael van der Zel, Bas van Poppel, Srinivas Velamur, Serafina Versaggi, Jens Villadsen, Mead Walker, Jason Walonoski, Kathy Walsh, Yunwei Wang, , Ian Williams , Timothy Williams, Robert Worden, Kalyani Yerra and Zaib Zaveree
  • Innumerable others have assisted through discussions on the Implementer's Skype chat, http://chat.fhir.org, the FHIR list server, participation at HL7 Working Group Meetings and through submission of change requests
  • The basic HTML design done by studiojoyo.com - thanks
  • THANK YOU all- without the support of this community, FHIR would not exist.