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Structured Documents Work Group Maturity Level: 3InformativeUse Context: Not Intended for Production use

This is a value set defined by the FHIR project.


Defining URL:http://hl7.org/fhir/ValueSet/formatcodes
Name:DocumentReference Format Code Set
Definition:The value set is defined to be the set of format codes defined by the IHE Technical Framework, and also including additional format codes defined by the HL7. The value set is listed in HITSP C80 Table 2-153 Format Code Value Set Definition, with additions published later by IHE as published at http://wiki.ihe.net/index.php?title=IHE_Format_Codes and with additions published later by HL7 as published at http://wiki.hl7.org/index.php?title=CDA_Format_Codes_for_IHE_XDS. This is the code specifying the technical format of the document. Along with the typeCode, it should provide sufficient information to allow any potential document consumer to know if it will be able to process the document. The code shall be sufficiently specific to ensure processing/display by identifying a document encoding, structure and template. The actual list of codes here is incomplete
Committee:Structured Documents Work Group
OID: (for OID based terminology systems)
Copyright:Some content from IHE® Copyright © 2015 IHE International, Inc. This content is from the IHE Technical Frameworks and Supplements, available for free download and use at http://www.ihe.net/Technical_Frameworks/
Source ResourceXML / JSON

This value set is used in the following places:

This value set includes codes from the following code systems:

  • Include these codes as defined in urn:oid:
    urn:ihe:pcc:handp:2008History and Physical Specification
    urn:ihe:pcc:xphr:2007HL7 CCD Document
    urn:ihe:pcc:aps:2007IHE Antepartum Summary
    urn:ihe:pcc:xds-ms:2007XDS Medical Summaries
    urn:ihe:pcc:xphr:2007Personal Health Records
    urn:ihe:pcc:edr:2007Emergency Department Referral (EDR)
    urn:ihe:pcc:edes:2007Emergency Department Encounter Summary (EDES)
    urn:ihe:pcc:apr:handp:2008Antepartum Record (APR) - History and Physical
    urn:ihe:pcc:apr:lab:2008Antepartum Record (APR) - Laboratory
    urn:ihe:pcc:apr:edu:2008Antepartum Record (APR) - Education
    urn:ihe:pcc:irc:2008Immunization Registry Content (IRC)
    urn:ihe:pcc:crc:2008Cancer Registry Content (CRC)
    urn:ihe:pcc:cm:2008Care Management (CM)
    urn:ihe:pcc:ic:2009Immunization Content (IC)
    urn:ihe:pcc:tn:2007PCC TN
    urn:ihe:pcc:nn:2007PCC NN
    urn:ihe:pcc:ctn:2007PCC CTN
    urn:ihe:pcc:edpn:2007PCC EDPN
    urn:ihe:pcc:hp:2008PCC HP
    urn:ihe:pcc:ldhp:2009PCC LDHP
    urn:ihe:pcc:lds:2009PCC LDS
    urn:ihe:pcc:mds:2009PCC MDS
    urn:ihe:pcc:nds:2010PCC NDS
    urn:ihe:pcc:ppvs:2010PCC PPVS
    urn:ihe:pcc:trs:2011PCC TRS
    urn:ihe:pcc:ets:2011PCC ETS
    urn:ihe:pcc:its:2011PCC ITS
    urn:ihe:iti:bppc:2007Basic Patient Privacy Consents
    urn:ihe:iti:bppc-sd:2007Basic Patient Privacy Consents with Scanned Document
    urn:ihe:iti:xdw:2011:workflowDocXDW Workflow Document
    urn:ihe:iti:dsg:detached:2014DSG Detached Document
    urn:ihe:iti:dsg:enveloping:2014DSG Enveloping Document
    urn:ihe:iti:xds-sd:pdf:2008PDF embedded in CDA per XDS-SD profile
    urn:ihe:iti:xds-sd:text:2008Text embedded in CDA per XDS-SD profile
    urn:ihe:lab:xd-lab:2008CDA Laboratory Report
    urn:ihe:rad:TEXTRadiology XDS-I Text
    urn:ihe:rad:PDFRadiology XDS-I PDF
    urn:ihe:rad:CDA:ImagingReportStructuredHeadings:2013Radiology XDS-I Structured CDA
    urn:ihe:card:imaging:2011Cardiac Imaging Report
    urn:ihe:card:CRC:2012Cardiology CRC
    urn:ihe:card:EPRC-IE:2014Cardiology EPRC-IE
    urn:ihe:dent:TEXTDental Text
    urn:ihe:dent:PDFDental PDF
    urn:ihe:dent:CDA:ImagingReportStructuredHeadings:2013Dental CDA
    urn:ihe:pat:apsr:all:2010Anatomic Pathology Structured Report All
    urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:all:2010Anatomic Pathology Structured Report Cancer All
    urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:breast:2010Anatomic Pathology Structured Report Cancer Breast
    urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:colon:2010Anatomic Pathology Structured Report Cancer Colon
    urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:prostate:2010Anatomic Pathology Structured Report Cancer Prostate
    urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:thyroid:2010Anatomic Pathology Structured Report Cancer Thyroid
    urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:lung:2010Anatomic Pathology Structured Report Cancer Lung
    urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:skin:2010Anatomic Pathology Structured Report Cancer Skin
    urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:kidney:2010Anatomic Pathology Structured Report Cancer Kidney
    urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:cervix:2010Anatomic Pathology Structured Report Cancer Cervix
    urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:endometrium:2010Anatomic Pathology Structured Report Cancer Endometrium
    urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:ovary:2010Anatomic Pathology Structured Report Cancer Ovary
    urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:esophagus: 2010Anatomic Pathology Structured Report Cancer Esophagus
    urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:stomach: 2010Anatomic Pathology Structured Report Cancer Stomach
    urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:liver:2010Anatomic Pathology Structured Report Cancer Liver
    urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:pancreas: 2010Anatomic Pathology Structured Report Cancer Pancreas
    urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:testis:2010Anatomic Pathology Structured Report Cancer Testis
    urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:urinary_bladder:2010Anatomic Pathology Structured Report Cancer Urinary Bladder
    urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:lip_oral_cavity:2010Anatomic Pathology Structured Report Cancer Lip Oral Cavity
    urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:pharynx:2010Anatomic Pathology Structured Report Cancer Pharynx
    urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:salivary_gland:2010Anatomic Pathology Structured Report Cancer Salivary Gland
    urn:ihe:pat:apsr:cancer:larynx:2010Anatomic Pathology Structured Report Cancer Larynx
    urn:ihe:pharm:pre:2010Pharmacy Pre
    urn:ihe:pharm:padv:2010Pharmacy PADV
    urn:ihe:pharm:dis:2010Pharmacy DIS
    urn:ihe:pharm:pml:2013Pharmacy PML
    urn:hl7-org:sdwg:ccda-structuredBody:1.1For documents following C-CDA 1.1 constraints using a structured body.
    urn:hl7-org:sdwg:ccda-nonXMLBody:1.1For documents following C-CDA 1.1 constraints using a non structured body.
    urn:hl7-org:sdwg:ccda-structuredBody:2.1For documents following C-CDA 2.1 constraints using a structured body.
    urn:hl7-org:sdwg:ccda-nonXMLBody:2.1For documents following C-CDA 2.1 constraints using a non structured body.


See the full registry of value sets defined as part of FHIR.

Explanation of the columns that may appear on this page:

LevelA few code lists that FHIR defines are hierarchical - each code is assigned a level. In this scheme, some codes are under other codes, and imply that the code they are under also applies
SourceThe source of the definition of the code (when the value set draws in codes defined elsewhere)
CodeThe code (used as the code in the resource instance). If the code is in italics, this indicates that the code is not selectable ('Abstract')
DisplayThe display (used in the display element of a Coding). If there is no display, implementers should not simply display the code, but map the concept into their application
DefinitionAn explanation of the meaning of the concept
CommentsAdditional notes about how to use the code