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This is a table defined as part of HL7 v2 . Related FHIR content: v2 Specimen Type.


Name:v2 Specimen Type
Definition:FHIR Value set/code system definition for HL7 v2 table 0487 ( Specimen Type)
Code System URL:http://hl7.org/fhir/v2/0487
Value Set URL:http://hl7.org/fhir/ValueSet/v2-0487
CodeSystem ResourceXML / JSON
ValueSet ResourceXML / JSON

Concept Maps for this value set:

to http://snomed.info/id?fhir_vs Specimen mapping from v2 table 0487 to SNOMED CTXMLJSON

This value set is used in the following places:

Specimen Type

CodeDescriptionDeutsch (German)Nederlands (Dutch)CommentVersion
... No suggested valueskeine Werte vorgeschlagengeen voorgestelde waardendeprecatedadded v2.6, removed after v2.6
ABS AbscessAbcesadded v2.5
ACNE Tissue, AcneWeefsel, AcnéTissueadded v2.5
ACNFLD Fluid, AcneVocht, AcnéFluidadded v2.5
AIRS Air SampleLuchtmonsterEnvironmentadded v2.5
ALL AllograftAllograftTissueadded v2.5
AMN Amniotic fluidAmniotisch vochtadded v2.8.2
AMP AmputationAmputatieTissueadded v2.5
ANGI Catheter Tip, AngioDeviceadded v2.5
ARTC Catheter Tip, ArterialDeviceadded v2.5
ASERU Serum, AcuteBloodadded v2.5
ASP AspirateAspiraatadded v2.5
ATTE Environment, AttestEnvironmentadded v2.5
AUTOA Environmental, Autoclave AmpuleEnvironmentadded v2.7
AUTOC Environmental, Autoclave CapsuleEnvironmentadded v2.5
AUTP AutopsyAutopsieTissueadded v2.5
BBL Blood bagBloedzakBloodadded v2.5
BCYST Cyst, Baker'sConditionadded v2.5
BDY Whole bodyHeel lichaamBody submitted for autopsy / carcass submittedadded v2.8.2
BIFL Bile FluidGalvloeistofadded v2.8.2
BITE BiteConditionsadded v2.5
BLD Whole bloodadded v2.8.2
BLDA Blood arterialArterieel bloedadded v2.8.2
BLDCO Cord bloodadded v2.8.2
BLDV Blood venousVeneus bloedadded v2.8.2
BLEB BlebBlaarCondition, Fluid/Tissueadded v2.5
BLIST BlisterBlaasCondition, Fluid/Tissueadded v2.5
BOIL BoilConditionadded v2.5
BON BoneBotadded v2.5.1
BONE Bonedeprecatedadded v2.5, removed after v2.5
BOWL Bowel contentsDarminhoudConditionadded v2.5
BPH Basophilsadded v2.8.2
BPU Blood product unitBloodadded v2.5
BRN BurnVerbrandingadded v2.5
BRSH BrushProduct; Brush or brushing (these may be 2 separate entries as in a physical brush or a portion thereof vs the substance obtained after a surface has been brushed)added v2.5
BRTH Breath (use EXHLD)Adem (gebruik (EXHLD)added v2.5
BRUS BrushingProductadded v2.5
BUB BuboConditionadded v2.5
BULLA Bulla/BullaeConditionadded v2.5
BX BiopsyBioptTissueadded v2.5
CALC Calculus (=Stone)added v2.5
CARBU CarbuncleConditionadded v2.5
CAT CatheterCatetherDeviceadded v2.5
CBITE Bite, CatConditionsadded v2.5
CDM Cardiac muscleHartspieradded v2.8.2
CLIPP ClippingsConditionadded v2.5
CNJT Conjunctivaadded v2.5
CNL Cannulaadded v2.8.2
COL Colostrumadded v2.5
CONE Biospy, ConeTissueadded v2.5
CSCR Scratch, CatConditionadded v2.5
CSERU Serum, ConvalescentBloodadded v2.5
CSF Cerebral spinal fluidadded v2.8.2
CSITE Catheter Insertion SiteDeviceadded v2.5
CSMY Fluid, Cystostomy TubeFluidadded v2.5
CST Fluid, CystFluidadded v2.5
CSVR Blood, Cell SaverTransfusionadded v2.5
CTP Catheter tipDeviceadded v2.5
CUR CurretageUterine specimen obtained by curettage = Currettingsadded v2.8.2
CVM Cervical Mucusadded v2.8.2
CVPS Site, CVPSiteadded v2.5
CVPT Catheter Tip, CVPDeviceadded v2.5
CYN Nodule, CysticConditionadded v2.5
CYST Cystadded v2.5
DBITE Bite, DogConditionsadded v2.5
DCS Sputum, Deep CoughConditionadded v2.5
DEC Ulcer, DecubitusConditionadded v2.5
DEION Environmental, Water (Deionized)Environmentadded v2.5
DIA DialysateConditionadded v2.5
DIAF Dialysis FluidFluid used for dialysis - is a productadded v2.8.2
DISCHG DischargeConditionadded v2.5
DIV DiverticulumConditionadded v2.5
DRN DrainDeviceadded v2.5
DRNG Drainage, TubeDeviceadded v2.5
DRNGP Drainage, PenroseConditionadded v2.5
DUFL Duodenal fluidadded v2.8.2
EARW Ear wax (cerumen)added v2.5
EBRUSH Brush, EsophagealProductadded v2.5
EEYE Environmental, Eye WashEnvironmentadded v2.5
EFF Environmental, EffluentEnvironmentadded v2.5
EFFUS EffusionConditionadded v2.5
EFOD Environmental, FoodEnvironmentadded v2.5
EISO Environmental, IsoletteEnvironmentadded v2.5
ELT Electrodeadded v2.5
ENVIR Environmental, Unidentified SubstanceEnvironmentadded v2.5
EOS Eosinophilsadded v2.8.2
EOTH Environmental, Other SubstanceEnvironment; (Substance is Known but not in code Table)added v2.5
ESOI Environmental, SoilEnvironmentadded v2.5
ESOS Environmental, Solution (Sterile)Environmentadded v2.5
ETA Aspirate, EndotrachAspirateadded v2.5
ETTP Catheter Tip, EndotrachealDeviceadded v2.5
ETTUB Tube, EndotrachealDeviceadded v2.5
EWHI Environmental, WhirlpoolEnvironmentadded v2.5
EXG Gas, exhaled (=breath)added v2.5
EXS Shunt, ExternalConditionadded v2.5
EXUDTE ExudateConditionadded v2.5
FAW Environmental, Water (Well)Environmentadded v2.5
FBLOOD Blood, FetalBloed, feutaalBloodadded v2.5
FGA Fluid, AbdomenFluidadded v2.5
FIB Fibroblastsadded v2.8.2
FIST FistulaFisteladded v2.5
FLD Fluid, OtherVocht, andersFluidadded v2.5
FLT FilterFilteradded v2.5
FLU Fluid, Body unspVocht, lichaam niet-gesp.added v2.5
FLUID FluidVochtFluidadded v2.5
FOLEY Catheter Tip, FoleyDeviceadded v2.5
FRS Fluid, RespiratoryFluidadded v2.5
FSCLP Scalp, FetalConditionadded v2.5
FUR FuruncleConditionadded v2.5
GAS Gasadded v2.5
GASA Aspirate, GastricAspirateadded v2.5
GASAN Antrum, GastricTissueadded v2.5
GASBR Brushing, GastricProductadded v2.5
GASD Drainage, GastricConditionadded v2.5
GAST Fluid/contents, Gastricadded v2.5
GENL Genital lochiaadded v2.8.2
GENV Genital vaginalGenitaal vaginaaladded v2.5
GRAFT GraftConditionadded v2.5
GRAFTS Graft SiteConditionadded v2.7
GRANU GranulomaGranuloomConditionadded v2.5
GROSH Catheter, GroshongDeviceadded v2.5
GSOL Solution, GastrostomyProductadded v2.5
GSPEC Biopsy, GastricBiopt, maagTissueadded v2.5
GT Tube, GastricDeviceadded v2.5
GTUBE Drainage Tube, Drainage (Gastrostomy)Conditionadded v2.5
HAR HairHaaradded v2.8.2
HBITE Bite, HumanBeet, menselijkConditionsadded v2.5
HBLUD Blood, AutopsyBloed, autopsieBloodadded v2.5
HEMAQ Catheter Tip, HemaquitDeviceadded v2.5
HEMO Catheter Tip, HemovacDeviceadded v2.5
HERNI Tissue, HerniatedTissueadded v2.5
HEV Drain, HemovacDeviceadded v2.5
HIC Catheter, HickmanDeviceadded v2.5
HYDC Fluid, HydroceleFluidadded v2.5
IBITE Bite, InsectConditionsadded v2.5
ICYST Cyst, InclusionConditionadded v2.5
IDC Catheter Tip, IndwellingDeviceadded v2.5
IHG Gas, Inhaledadded v2.5
ILEO Drainage, IleostomyConditionadded v2.5
ILLEG Source of Specimen Is Illigibleadded v2.5
IMP ImplantImplantaatDeviceadded v2.5
INCI Site, Incision/SurgicalSiteadded v2.5
INFIL InfiltrateConditionadded v2.5
INS InsectInsectObjectadded v2.5
INTRD Catheter Tip, IntroducerDeviceadded v2.5
ISLT IsolateIsolaatadded v2.8.2
IT Intubation tubeIntubatieslangadded v2.5
IUD Intrauterine DeviceDevice (Common Usage)added v2.5
IVCAT Catheter Tip, IVDeviceadded v2.5
IVFLD Fluid, IVFluidadded v2.5
IVTIP Tubing Tip, IVDeviceadded v2.5
JEJU Drainage, JejunalConditionadded v2.5
JNTFLD Fluid, JointVocht, gewrichtFluidadded v2.5
JP Drainage, Jackson PrattConditionadded v2.5
KELOI LavageProductadded v2.5
KIDFLD Fluid, KidneyVocht, nierFluidadded v2.5
LAVG Lavage, BronhialProductadded v2.5
LAVGG Lavage, GastricProductadded v2.5
LAVGP Lavage, PeritonealProductadded v2.5
LAVPG Lavage, Pre-BronchProductadded v2.5
LENS1 Contact LensDeviceadded v2.5
LENS2 Contact Lens CaseDeviceadded v2.5
LESN LesionConditionadded v2.5
LIQ Liquid, UnspecifiedVocht, niet gespecificeerdadded v2.5
LIQO Liquid, OtherVocht, andersadded v2.5
LNA Line arterialArterial blood collected via arterial lineadded v2.8.2
LNV Line venousVenous blood collected via venous lineadded v2.8.2
LSAC Fluid, Lumbar SacFluidadded v2.5
LYM LymphocytesLymfocytenadded v2.8.2
MAC Macrophagesadded v2.8.2
MAHUR Catheter Tip, MakurkourDeviceadded v2.5
MAR MarrowMergBone marrowadded v2.8.2
MASS MassConditionadded v2.5
MBLD Blood, MenstrualMenstruatiebloedBloodadded v2.5
MEC MeconiumMeconiumadded v2.8.2
MILK Breast milkBorstmelkMother's milk specimenadded v2.8.2
MLK MilkMelkFood specimenadded v2.8.2
MUCOS MucosaConditionadded v2.5
MUCUS MucusSlijmConditionadded v2.5
NAIL NailNagelFinger or toe nail sampleadded v2.8.2
NASDR Drainage, NasalConditionadded v2.5
NEDL NeedleNaaldDeviceadded v2.5
NEPH Site, NephrostomySiteadded v2.5
NGASP Aspirate, NasogastricAspirateadded v2.5
NGAST Drainage, NasogastricConditionadded v2.5
NGS Site, Naso/GastricSiteadded v2.5
NODUL Nodule(s)Conditionadded v2.5
NSECR Secretion, NasalSecretie, nasaalConditionadded v2.5
ORH OtherAndersadded v2.5
ORL Lesion, OralCondition (Common Usage)added v2.5
OTH Source, OtherBron, andersadded v2.5
PACEM PacemakerDeviceadded v2.5
PAFL Pancreatic fluidadded v2.8.2
PCFL Fluid, Pericardialadded v2.5
PDSIT Site, Peritoneal DialysisSiteadded v2.5
PDTS Site, Peritoneal Dialysis TunnelSiteadded v2.5
PELVA Abscess, PelvicConditionadded v2.5
PENIL Lesion, PenileCondition (Common Usage)added v2.5
PERIA Abscess, PerianalCondition, Abscess & Body Partadded v2.5
PILOC Cyst, PilonidalConditionadded v2.5
PINS Site, PinSiteadded v2.5
PIS Site, Pacemaker InsetionSiteadded v2.5
PLAN Plant MaterialPlantaardig materiaalObjectadded v2.5
PLAS PlasmaPlasmaBloodadded v2.5
PLB Plasma bagPlasmazakBloodadded v2.5
PLC PlacentaPlacentaadded v2.8.2
PLEVS Serum, Peak LevelBloodadded v2.5
PLR Pleural fluid (thoracentesis fluid)added v2.8.2
PMN Polymorphonuclear neutrophilsadded v2.8.2
PND Drainage, PenileConditionadded v2.5
POL PolypsConditionadded v2.5
POPGS Graft Site, PoplitealConditionadded v2.5
POPLG Graft, PoplitealConditionadded v2.5
POPLV Site, Popliteal VeinSiteadded v2.5
PORTA Catheter, PortaDeviceadded v2.5
PPP Plasma, Platelet poorBloodadded v2.5
PROST Prosthetic DeviceDeviceadded v2.5
PRP Plasma, Platelet richBloodadded v2.5
PSC PseudocystConditionadded v2.5
PUNCT Wound, PunctureConditionadded v2.5
PUS PusPusadded v2.5.1
PUSFR PustuleConditionadded v2.5
PUST PusConditionadded v2.5
QC3 Quality ControlEnvironmentadded v2.5
RANDU Urine, RandomConditionadded v2.5
RBC Erythrocytesadded v2.8.2
RBITE Bite, ReptileConditionsadded v2.5
RECT Drainage, RectalConditionadded v2.5
RECTA Abscess, RectalConditionadded v2.5
RENALC Cyst, RenalConditionadded v2.5
RENC Fluid, Renal CystFluidadded v2.5
RES RespiratoryCondition (Ambiguous)added v2.5
SAL SalivaSpeekseladded v2.5
SCAR Tissue, Keloid (Scar)Tissueadded v2.5
SCLV Catheter Tip, SubclavianDeviceadded v2.5
SCROA Abscess, ScrotalAbces, scrotaalConditionadded v2.5
SECRE Secretion(s)Secretie(s)Fluid/Secretionadded v2.5
SER SerumSerumadded v2.5
SHU Site, ShuntSiteadded v2.5
SHUNF Fluid, ShuntFluidadded v2.5
SHUNT ShuntConditionadded v2.5
SITE SiteSiteadded v2.5
SKBP Biopsy, SkinBiopt, huidTissueadded v2.5
SKN SkinHuidadded v2.5
SMM Mass, Sub-MandibularConditionadded v2.5
SMN Seminal fluidSeminaal vochtadded v2.8.2
SNV Fluid, synovial (Joint fluid)added v2.5
SPRM SpermatozoaSpermatozoïdenadded v2.5
SPRP Catheter Tip, SuprapubicDeviceadded v2.5
SPRPB Cathether Tip, SuprapubicDeviceadded v2.5
SPS Environmental, Spore StripEnvironmentadded v2.5
SPT SputumSputumadded v2.5
SPTC Sputum - coughedSputum, opgehoestadded v2.5
SPTT Sputum - tracheal aspirateadded v2.5
SPUT1 Sputum, SimulatedConditionadded v2.5
SPUTIN Sputum, InductedConditionadded v2.5
SPUTSP Sputum, SpontaneousConditionadded v2.5
STER Environmental, SterradEnvironmentadded v2.5
STL Stool = Fecaladded v2.5
STONE Stone, KidneyConditionadded v2.5
SUBMA Abscess, SubmandibularConditionadded v2.5
SUBMX Abscess, SubmaxillaryConditionadded v2.5
SUMP Drainage, SumpConditionadded v2.5
SUP Suprapubic TapProductadded v2.5
SUTUR SutureObjectadded v2.5
SWGZ Catheter Tip, Swan GantzDeviceadded v2.5
SWT SweatZweetadded v2.8.2
TASP Aspirate, TrachealAspirateadded v2.5
TEAR TearsTraanvochtadded v2.8.2
THRB Thrombocyte (platelet)added v2.8.2
TISS TissueWeefseladded v2.5
TISU Tissue ulceradded v2.5
TLC Cathether Tip, Triple LumenDeviceadded v2.5
TRAC Site, TracheostomySiteadded v2.5
TRANS TransudateConditionadded v2.5
TSERU Serum, TroughBloodadded v2.5
TSTES Abscess, TesticularConditionadded v2.5
TTRA Aspirate, TranstrachealAspirateadded v2.5
TUBES TubesDeviceadded v2.5
TUMOR TumorTumorConditionadded v2.5
TZANC Smear, Tzanckadded v2.5
UDENT Source, Unidentifiedadded v2.5
UMED Unknown Medicinefor forensic and possibly chemistry testingadded v2.8.2
UR UrineUrineadded v2.5
URC Urine clean catchadded v2.5
URINB Urine, Bladder WashingsConditionadded v2.5
URINC Urine, CatheterizedConditionadded v2.5
URINM Urine, MidstreamUrine, midstreamConditionadded v2.5
URINN Urine, NephrostomyConditionadded v2.5
URINP Urine, PedibagDeviceadded v2.5
URNS Urine sedimentUrine, sedimentadded v2.8.2
URT Urine catheteradded v2.5
USCOP Urine, CystoscopyConditionadded v2.5
USPEC Source, UnspecifiedBron, ongedefinieerdadded v2.5
USUB Unkown substanceOnbekende substantieadded v2.8.2
VASTIP Catheter Tip, VasDeviceadded v2.5
VENT Catheter Tip, VentricularDeviceadded v2.5
VITF Vitreous Fluidadded v2.5
VOM VomitusBraakseladded v2.5.1
WASH WashProductadded v2.5
WASI Washing, e.g. bronchial washingProductadded v2.5
WAT WaterWateradded v2.5
WB Blood, WholeBloodadded v2.5
WBC LeukocytesLeukocytenadded v2.8.2
WEN WenTissueadded v2.5
WICK WickLontadded v2.5
WND WoundWondadded v2.5
WNDA Wound abscessWond abcesadded v2.5
WNDD Wound drainageadded v2.5
WNDE Wound exudateadded v2.5
WORM WormWormObjectadded v2.5
WRT WartWratTissueadded v2.5
WWA Environmental, WaterMilieu, waterEnvironmentadded v2.5
WWO Environmental, Water (Ocean)Milieu, water (oceaan)added v2.5
WWT Environmental, Water (Tap)Milieu, water (kraan)Environmentadded v2.5