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This is a table defined as part of HL7 v2 . Related FHIR content: v2 Additive/Preservative.


Name:v2 Additive/Preservative
Definition:FHIR Value set/code system definition for HL7 v2 table 0371 ( Additive/Preservative)
Code System URL:http://hl7.org/fhir/v2/0371
Value Set URL:http://hl7.org/fhir/ValueSet/v2-0371
CodeSystem ResourceXML / JSON
ValueSet ResourceXML / JSON

This value set is used in the following places:


CodeDescriptionNederlands (Dutch)CommentVersion
ACDA ACD Solution AYellow top tubeadded v2.5
ACDB ACD Solution BYellow top tubeadded v2.5
ACET Acetic AcidUrine preservativeadded v2.5
AMIES Amies transport mediumProtozoaadded v2.5
BACTM Bacterial Transport mediumMicrobiological cultureadded v2.5
BF10 Buffered 10% formalinTissueadded v2.5
BOR Borate Boric Acid24HR Urine Additiveadded v2.4
BOUIN Bouin's solutionTissueadded v2.5
BSKM Buffered skim milkViral isolationadded v2.5
C32 3.2% Citrate3,2% CitraatBlue top tubeadded v2.4
C38 3.8% Citrate3,8% CitraatBlue top tubeadded v2.4
CARS Carson's Modified 10% formalinTissueadded v2.5
CARY Cary Blair MediumStool Culturesadded v2.5
CHLTM Chlamydia transport mediumChlamydia cultureadded v2.5
CTAD CTAD (this should be spelled out if not universally understood)Blue top tubeadded v2.5
EDTK Potassium/K EDTADeprecated. Replaced by EDTK15 and EDTK75added v2.4
EDTK15 Potassium/K EDTA 15%Purple top tubeadded v2.5
EDTK75 Potassium/K EDTA 7.5%Purple top tubeadded v2.5
EDTN Sodium/Na EDTADark Blue top tubeadded v2.4
ENT Enteric bacteria transport mediumBacterial cultureadded v2.5
ENT+ Enteric plusStool Culturesadded v2.5
F10 10% FormalinTissue preservativeadded v2.5
FDP Thrombin NIH; soybean trypsin inhibitor (Fibrin Degradation Products)Dark Blue top tubeadded v2.5
FL10 Sodium Fluoride, 10mgUrineadded v2.5
FL100 Sodium Fluoride, 100mgUrineadded v2.5
HCL6 6N HCL24 HR Urine Additiveadded v2.4
HEPA Ammonium heparinGreen top tubeadded v2.5
HEPL Lithium/Li HeparinGreen top tubeadded v2.4
HEPN Sodium/Na HeparinGreen top tubeadded v2.4
HNO3 Nitric AcidUrineadded v2.5
JKM Jones Kendrick MediumBordetella pertussisadded v2.5
KARN Karnovsky's fixativeTissueadded v2.5
KOX Potassium OxalateGray top tubeadded v2.5
LIA Lithium iodoacetateGray top tubeadded v2.5
M4 M4Microbiological cultureadded v2.5
M4RT M4-RTMicrobiological cultureadded v2.5
M5 M5Microbiological cultureadded v2.5
MICHTM Michel's transport mediumIF testsadded v2.5
MMDTM MMD transport mediumImmunofluorescenceadded v2.5
NAF Sodium FluorideGray top tubeadded v2.5
NAPS Sodium polyanethol sulfonate 0.35% in 0.85% sodium chlorideYellow (Blood Culture)added v2.5
NONE NoneRed or Pink top tubeadded v2.5
PAGE Pages's SalineAcanthaoembaadded v2.5
PHENOL Phenol24 Hr Urine Additiveadded v2.5
PVA PVA (polyvinylalcohol)O&Padded v2.5
RLM Reagan Lowe MediumBordetella pertussis culturesadded v2.5
SILICA Siliceous earth, 12 mgGray top tubeadded v2.5
SPS SPS(this should be spelled out if not universally understood)Anticoagulant w/o bacteriocidal propertiesadded v2.5
SST Serum Separator Tube (Polymer Gel)'Tiger' Top tubeadded v2.5
STUTM Stuart transport mediumBacterial cultureadded v2.5
THROM ThrombinOrange or Grey/Yellow (STAT Chem)added v2.5
THYMOL Thymol24 Hr Urine Additiveadded v2.5
THYO Thyoglycollate brothBacterial Isolationadded v2.5
TOLU Toluene24 Hr Urine Additiveadded v2.5
URETM Ureaplasma transport mediumUreaplasma cultureadded v2.5
VIRTM Viral Transport mediumVirus culturesadded v2.5
WEST Buffered Citrate (Westergren Sedimentation Rate)Black top tubeadded v2.5