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Vocabulary Work GroupMaturity Level: N/AStandards Status: Informative
Defines common extensions used with or related to the ValueSet resource
valueset-concept-definitionconcept-definition :

A definition that describes the meaning of this code when used as part of this value set.

valueset-concept-commentsconcept-comments :

A comment that explains how this code is used in this context (where the value set is expected to be used).

valueset-otherNameotherName :

Human readable names for the valueset.

valueset-sourceReferencesourceReference :

This text is intended to act as a citation to work done elsewhere that is not part of the current stewarding process where the referenced source is in some way a basis of the current value set definition.

valueset-keyWordkeyWord :

Word or words used in an information retrieval system to indicate the content of the value set.

valueset-usageusage :

Consumers of the value set and the implementations, projects or standards that the author has utilized the value set in.

valueset-workflowStatusworkflowStatus :

Workflow Status is used to represent details of the value set development process while in a single Activity Status.

valueset-activityStatusDateactivityStatusDate :

The date when the associated Value Set Definition Version activity status is in effect.

valueset-effectiveDateeffectiveDate :

This is the first date-time when the value set version becomes active, so this value is present on Inactive value set versions as well. The start Date_time is expected to be as of 0001 UTC of the Effective Date.

valueset-expirationDateexpirationDate :

The date when the value set version is no longer expected to be used to create new content. This is the first date-time when the value set version becomes Inactive, so this value SHALL present on all Inactive value set versions. The start Date_time is expected to be as of 0001 UTC of the Expiration Date.

valueset-authorauthor :

The entity or set of entities that create and may modify the Value Set Definition content. The name of a group or an individual, along with contact details.

valueset-stewardsteward :

The entity that is responsible for the content of the Value Set Definition. This is a textual description of the organizational entity responsible for the content and maintenance.

valueset-trusted-expansiontrusted-expansion :

Indicates an authoritative source for performing value set expansions.

valueset-labellabel :

The label to list in front of a code when presenting a list of possible values in a questionnaire-like fashion.

valueset-conceptOrderconceptOrder :

Identifies the relative order in which concepts within the value set should be presented to a user.

valueset-systemNamesystemName :

The human-readable name for the code system.

valueset-systemRefsystemRef :

The formal URI for the code system. I.e. ValueSet.codeSystem.system (or its equivalent).

valueset-caseSensitivecaseSensitive :

If this a case sensitive code.

valueset-referencereference :

A logical reference (e.g. a reference to ValueSet.url) that identifies the value set/version that identifies the set of possible coded values this coding was chosen from or constrained by.

valueset-expansionSourceexpansionSource :

The logical URL of the ValueSet definition that was used to generate this expansion.

valueset-unclosedunclosed :

Marks that the expansion is incomplete, and values other than those listed may be valid. This may be used because post-coordinated codes are allowed, and no practical expansion can be produced.

valueset-toocostlytoocostly :

Marks that the expansion is incomplete, because the full value set is too large to represent, and the client asked for an incomplete fragment.

valueset-mapmap :

A reference to a concept map that is relevant for the interpretation of this value set.

valueset-warningwarning :

An extra warning about the correct use of the value set.

valueset-systemsystem :

Allows a direct reference to the code system for FHIR query.

valueset-supplementsupplement :

This extension declares that a value set depends on a particular supplement and should not be used in its absence.

valueset-parameterSourceparameterSource :

Declares what the source of this parameter is.

valueset-expand-rulesexpand-rules :

Defines how concepts are processed into the expansion when it's for UI presentation.

valueset-expand-groupexpand-group :

This extension declares a group of concepts that is generated into the ValueSet.expansion.contains hierarchy when the expansion is generated for a UI. THere is no inherent assigned meaning to the hierarchy; it is used to help the user navigate the concepts. Each group has a display and/or a code, and a list of members, which are either concepts in the value set, or other groups (by code).

valueset-deprecateddeprecated :

if ture, indicates that the concept is deprecated from the value set - that is, it should not be used, and is planned to be withdrawn.

valueset-special-statusspecial-status :

A special note for implementers about the status of the resource.

valueset-extensibleextensible :

Whether this is intended to be used with an extensible binding or not.

valueset-authoritativeSourceauthoritativeSource :

A reference to the authoritative accessible, persisted source of truth of the entire Value Set Definition, including textual information and available versions.

valueset-expressionexpression :

An expression that provides an alternative definition of the content of the value set. There are two different ways to use this expression extension: If both an expression and a compose element is present, the compose is understood the make the same statement as the expression. If there is no compose, the expression is the only definition of the value set, and the value set can only be processed by a server that understands the expression syntax, it that is computable.

valueset-rules-textrules-text :

An expression that provides an alternative definition of the content of the value set in some form that is not computable - e.g instructions that could only be followed by a human.

Search parameters defined by this package. See Searching for more information about searching in REST, messaging, and services.

authorstringOptional Extensions Elementf:ValueSet/f:extension[@url=''] | /f:#authorXML / JSON
effectivedateOptional Extensions Elementf:ValueSet/f:extension[@url=''] | /f:#effectiveDateXML / JSON
enddateOptional Extensions Elementf:ValueSet/f:extension[@url=''] | /f:#expirationDateXML / JSON
keywordstringOptional Extensions Elementf:ValueSet/f:extension[@url=''] | /f:#keyWordXML / JSON
workflowtokenOptional Extensions Elementf:ValueSet/f:extension[@url=''] | /f:#workflowStatusXML / JSON