Release 4

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Patient Administration Work GroupMaturity Level: N/AStandards Status: InformativeSecurity Category: Business Compartments: Not linked to any defined compartments
Example NameidFormat
HL7 itselfhl7XMLJSONTurtle
Gastroenterology team at ACME Healthcare1XMLJSONTurtle
Clinical Laboratory at ACME Healthcare1832473e-2fe0-452d-abe9-3cdb9879522fXMLJSONTurtle
XYZ Insurance2XMLJSONTurtle
Good Health Clinic2.16.840.1.113883.19.5XMLJSONTurtle
Real-world organization example (Burgers MC)f001XMLJSONTurtle
Real-world organization example (Burgers MC Cardiology)f002XMLJSONTurtle
Real-world organization example (Artis UMC)f201XMLJSONTurtle
Real-world organization example (Blijdorp MC)f203XMLJSONTurtle
Real-world organization example (ENT)f003XMLJSONTurtle
Medication ManufacturermmanuXMLJSONTurtle
Government Department of Health3XMLJSONTurtle
HL7 Payer Networkhl7payXMLJSONTurtle

Usage note: every effort has been made to ensure that the examples are correct and useful, but they are not a normative part of the specification.