QI-Core Implementation Guide: STU 3.2 (v3.2.0 for FHIR 3.0.1)

This page is part of the Quality Improvement Core Framework (v3.2.0: STU 3) based on FHIR R3. The current version which supercedes this version is 4.1.1. For a full list of available versions, see the Directory of published versions

4.0.0 QI-Core Terminology

This page lists all the ValueSets, CodeSystems, and ConceptMaps defined as part of the US Core implementation Guide. For more information on using codes in resources, see the guidance section as well as in the FHIR specification.

Value Sets

These value sets have been defined for this implementation guide.

  • Allergy Intolerance – Reason Refuted
  • Appropriateness – Score
  • Body Site – Precoordinated
  • Communication – Reason Not Performed
  • Condition – Certainty
  • Condition – Criticality
  • Condition – Stage
  • Encounter – Canceled Reason
  • Encounter – Condition Role
  • Encounter – Diet
  • Flag – Category
  • Goal – Reason Rejected
  • Medication – Dose Type
  • Military Service
  • Observation – Body Position
  • Observation – Delta
  • Observation – Verification
  • Patient – Disability
  • Priority
  • Referral Request – Reason Rejected
  • Code Systems

    See the FHIR terminology section for a complete discussion on code systems and a list of codes system names used in FHIR. The following additional names (URIs) have been identified for this implementation guide.

    Code systems published in this IG

  • Appropriateness Score
  • Communication Medium
  • Condition Criticality
  • DiagnosticOrder Precondition
  • Military Service
  • Observation Verification