CARIN Consumer Directed Payer Data Exchange (CARIN IG for Blue ButtonĀ®)
2.0.0 - STU 2 US

This page is part of the CARIN Blue Button Implementation Guide (v2.0.0: STU 2) based on FHIR R4. This is the current published version in its permanent home (it will always be available at this URL). For a full list of available versions, see the Directory of published versions

Search Parameters

Search Parameters Required By This Implementation Guide

Resource Parameter Type Example
ExplanationOfBenefit _id token GET [base]/ExplanationOfBenefit?_id=[id]
ExplanationOfBenefit _lastUpdated date GET [base]/ExplanationOfBenefit?_lastUpdated=[_lastUpdated]
ExplanationOfBenefit identifier token GET [base]/ExplanationOfBenefit?identifier=[system]|[code]
ExplanationOfBenefit patient reference GET [base]/ExplanationOfBenefit?patient=[patient]
ExplanationOfBenefit type token GET [base]/ExplanationOfBenefit?type=[system]|[code]
ExplanationOfBenefit service-date date GET [base]/ExplanationOfBenefit?service-date=[service-date]
ExplanationOfBenefit service-start-date date GET [base]/ExplanationOfBenefit?service-start-date=[service-start-date]
ExplanationOfBenefit billable-period-start date GET [base]/ExplanationOfBenefit?billable-period-start=[billable-period-start]


_include Support


A Server SHALL be capable of supporting the following _includes: Coverage:payor - GET [base]/Coverage?_include=Coverage:payor


A Server SHALL be capable of supporting the following _includes:

ExplanationOfBenefit:patient - GET [base]/ExplanationOfBenefit?[parameter=value]&_include=ExplanationOfBenefit:patient

ExplanationOfBenefit:provider - GET [base]/ExplanationOfBenefit?[parameter=value]&_include=ExplanationOfBenefit:provider

ExplanationOfBenefit:care-team - GET [base]/ExplanationOfBenefit?[parameter=value]&_include=ExplanationOfBenefit:care-team

ExplanationOfBenefit:coverage - GET [base]/ExplanationOfBenefit?[parameter=value]&_include=ExplanationOfBenefit:coverage

ExplanationOfBenefit:insurer - GET [base]/ExplanationOfBenefit?[parameter=value]&_include=ExplanationOfBenefit:insurer

ExplanationOfBenefit:payee - GET [base]/ExplanationOfBenefit?[parameter=value]&_include=ExplanationOfBenefit:payee

ExplanationOfBenefit:* - GET [base]/ExplanationOfBenefit?[parameter=value]&_include=ExplanationOfBenefit:*

Note: _include=ExplanationOfBenefit:* means, at minimum, the resources that are included as reference type search parameters for the ExplanationOfBenefit resource on the server. Servers claiming compliance to this guide will, at minimum, support the include of patient, provider, care-team, coverage, and insurer, and will support returning all of them in support ExplanationOfBenefit:*. This guide does not require all of these as search parameters, but are defined as part of the _include requirement. For example, the insurer search parameter is not required because in the context of the use case, it is anticipated there will ever be one insurer. It however must be returned in the _include=ExplanationOfBenefit:* results. The means in which this is done (including defining all of the _include as search parameters) is not defined by this guide.