Bulk Data Access IG
2.0.0 - Standard for Trial Use

This page is part of the FHIR Bulk Data Access (Flat FHIR) (v2.0.0: STU 2) based on FHIR R4. This is the current published version. For a full list of available versions, see the Directory of published versions

IG Change History

STU2 - v2.0.0

Export Kickoff Request

  • Permitted server support for kickoff requests via HTTP POST of a Parameters Resource
  • Documented required and optional status of kickoff parameters for server implementors
  • Documented guidance on use and interpretation of repeated parameters
  • Expanded definition of _since parameter in Group level kickoff requests to permit servers to return resources that have an earlier lastUpdated date for patients that were added to the group after the supplied date
  • Clarified which resources should be returned in scenarios where _type is populated
  • Added optional _elements kickoff parameter to filter resource data elements in the response
  • Added optional patient kickoff parameter to filter resources in the response by patient id
  • Added optional includeAssociatedData kickoff parameter and ValueSet for clients to indicate a set of pre-defined resources to omit or include with the response
  • Provided guidance on server handling of unsupported kickoff parameters when a prefer: handling=lenient header is or is not provided
  • Added recommended approach for clients to obtain historical data on new group members when not automatically included by server in Group level requests
  • Clarified that resources associated with groups containing non-patient members (e.g., groups of practitioners or groups of devices) may be exported using a group-level bulk export request
  • Updated the Accept and Prefer header requirements from required to recommended for clients, with servers having discretion on whether to return an error or presume a default if omitted
  • Clarified server behavior in cases where the modification date of resources is not tracked and a _since parameter is provided by a client

Export Status Response

  • Provided guidance for servers to return a transient error code in an OperationOutcome response when the error indicates a failure to obtain a status rather than a failure of the underlying job
  • Permitted an error response that does not contain an OperationOutcome in the body when servers are unable to provide this

Export Complete Status Response

  • Permitted clients to send a HTTP DELETE request the the status endpoint following a complete status to signal to the server that it no longer needs to retain the output files
  • Clarified that the output.url field in the complete status response should be an absolute path
  • Clarified that the error field of the complete status response may include files containing OperationOutcome resources that are informational in nature
  • Added deleted field in complete status response where servers can list resources that should be removed from downstream systems

Export - Data

  • Clarified that resource references in the response may be relative or absolute
  • Provided guidance for servers and clients to send and retrieve Binary resources and Attachment elements
  • Changed requirement to populate Attachment.contentType in Attachments from a requirement to a recommendation to align with the core FHIR spec

Export - Other

  • Added recommendations on server capability documentation

Backend Services Authorization

  • Migrated and integrated documentation into the SMART App Launch Implementation Guide
  • Clarified that servers must support clients that provide a URL pointing to a JWKS Set on registration, as well as those that provide a JWKS Set directly on registration
  • Clarified authorization requirements for status and data requests
  • Clarified the algorithm for verifying a client’s public key
  • Clarified scopes language and described optional support for SMART v2 scope

STU1 Technical Correction - v1.0.1

  • Updated the CapabilityStatement to move the Patient and Group level export operations from the rest.operation element to rest.resource.operation elements and correct the OperationDefinition URLs
  • Corrected conformance URL
  • Added note on export complete status extension field description to clarify that extensions may be placed under to any field in the export complete status response and not just at the root level of the response

STU1 - v1.0.0

  • Initial release