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Security Work GroupMaturity Level: N/AStandards Status: InformativeSecurity Category: Not Classified Compartments: Device, Patient, Practitioner

This table lists profiles and extensions for the AuditEvent resource. For background information, see Profiling Resources and Extensibility. Additional profiles and extensions may be found in published Implementation Guides , or in the Conformance resource registry .

ehrsrle-auditevent Defines the elements to be supported within the AuditEvent resource in order to conform with the Electronic Health Record System Functional Model Record Lifecycle Event standard EHRS FM Record Lifecycle Event - Audit Event
auditevent-Accession AuditEvent.entity Accession for AuditEvent HL7 Extensions
auditevent-Anonymized AuditEvent.entity Anonymized for AuditEvent HL7 Extensions
auditevent-Encrypted AuditEvent.entity Encrypted for AuditEvent HL7 Extensions
auditevent-Instance AuditEvent.entity Instance for AuditEvent HL7 Extensions
auditevent-MPPS AuditEvent.entity MPPS for AuditEvent HL7 Extensions
auditevent-NumberOfInstances AuditEvent.entity NumberOfInstances for AuditEvent HL7 Extensions
auditevent-ParticipantObjectContainsStudy AuditEvent.entity ParticipantObjectContainsStudy for AuditEvent HL7 Extensions
auditevent-SOPClass AuditEvent.entity SOPClass for AuditEvent HL7 Extensions
Extensions for all resources or elements
resource-pertainsToGoal pertainsToGoal for Resource HL7 Extensions

Extensions that reference this resource:

No Extensions refer to this resource
Extensions that refer to Any resource
cqf-relativeDateTime relativeDateTime for Clinical Reasoning Extensions
event-basedOn basedOn for Event Pattern HL7 Extensions
event-partOf partOf for Event Pattern HL7 Extensions
flag-detail detail for Flag HL7 Extensions
relative-date Relative Date Criteria for General Extensions for use by FHIR Implementers
replaces replaces for General Extensions for use by FHIR Implementers
request-replaces replaces for Request Pattern HL7 Extensions
workflow-supportingInfo supportingInfo for Workflow Pattern HL7 Extensions
No Search Extensions defined for this resource