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Clinical Decision Support icon Work GroupMaturity Level: N/AStandards Status: InformativeSecurity Category: Business Compartments: No defined compartments
This example illustrates the use of the PlanDefinition resource to represent a Suicide Risk Assessment order set.
Example NameidFormat
Low Suicide Risk Order Setlow-suicide-risk-order-setXMLJSONTurtle
Chlamydia Screening CDS examplechlamydia-screening-interventionXMLJSONTurtle
Exclusive Breastfeeding Intervention 01exclusive-breastfeeding-intervention-01XMLJSONTurtle
Exclusive Breastfeeding Intervention 02exclusive-breastfeeding-intervention-02XMLJSONTurtle
Exclusive Breastfeeding Intervention 03exclusive-breastfeeding-intervention-03XMLJSONTurtle
Exclusive Breastfeeding Intervention 04exclusive-breastfeeding-intervention-04XMLJSONTurtle
Obesity Assessment Protocolprotocol-exampleXMLJSONTurtle
Chemotherapy RegimenKDN5XMLJSONTurtle
Zika Virus Infection Management Processzika-virus-interventionXMLJSONTurtle
Plan Definition Illustrating Related Actionsoptions-exampleXMLJSONTurtle
Plan Definition Illustrating Predecessor Relationshipplandefinition-predecessor-exampleXMLJSONTurtle
Opioid CDS Recommendation 4 ECA Ruleopioidcds-04XMLJSONTurtle
Opioid CDS Recommendation 5 ECA Ruleopioidcds-05XMLJSONTurtle
Opioid CDS Recommendation 7 ECA Ruleopioidcds-07XMLJSONTurtle
Opioid CDS Recommendation 8 ECA Ruleopioidcds-08XMLJSONTurtle
Opioid CDS Recommendation 10 ECA Ruleopioidcds-10XMLJSONTurtle
Opioid CDS Recommendation 11 ECA Ruleopioidcds-11XMLJSONTurtle
Chest Pain Coronary Artery Disease Order Set KNARTexample-cardiology-osXMLJSONTurtle

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