This page is part of the Vital Records Mortality and Morbidity Reporting FHIR IG (v0.1.0: STU 1 Ballot 1) based on FHIR R3. The current version which supercedes this version is 2.0.0. For a full list of available versions, see the Directory of published versions

Death Certification

Death Certification is a profile of the FHIR STU3 Procedure resource. A FHIR Procedure resource is an action that is or was performed on or for a patient. The death certification profile is used to convey information about the death certification act performed by the certifier on the decedent. It includes the certification date and time and a reference to the death certifier.

UML Expression

Structure Definition

id 0..1
profile 1..1
status 1..1 codeFixed Value
category 1..1 CodeableConceptFixed Value
code 1..1 CodeableConceptFixed Value
performed[x] 1..1
role 1..1 CodeableConceptBinding
actor 1..1 Reference(Practitioner | Organization | Patient | RelatedPerson | Device)

Element Bindings

Element Name Binding Type Binding Value Fixed Value Code System
category Fixed Value "103693007" SNOMED
code Fixed Value "308646001" SNOMED Reference VRDR Certifier
performer.role Value Set Performer-role
status Fixed Value "completed" event-status

Element Table

Procedure .. 0..1
Procedure.meta 0..1
Procedure.meta.profile 1..1
Procedure.status code 1..1
Procedure.category CodeableConcept 1..1
Procedure.code CodeableConcept 1..1
Procedure.performed[x] 1..1
Procedure.performer BackboneElement 1..1
Procedure.performer.role CodeableConcept 1..1 Reference(Practitioner | Organization | Patient | RelatedPerson | Device) 1..1

Requirements Traceability Mappings

Element Path Reference Location Data Item
effectiveDateTime Vital Records DAM 2.01 Vital Records Event certificationDate
effectiveDateTime Death Certificate Item 49 Date Certified[by Person Completing Cause of Death]
effectiveDateTime Standard Death Record IG SDR DeathRecordContents Profile Composition.attester.time
performer.role Vital Records DAM 2.05 Responsible Party Role roleCode
performer.role Death Certificate Item 45 Certifier's Role
performer.role Standard Death Record IG SDR Certifier Profile Practitioner.extension:certifiertype.valueCodeableConcept

Instance Example

  <id value="example-death-certification" />
    <profile value="" />
  <status value="completed" />
      <code value="103693007" />
      <code value="308646001" />
        <system value="" />
        <code value="59058001 " />
      <text value="General physician" />
      <reference value="example-practitioner" />