Vital Signs with Qualifying Elements
1.0.0 - STU 1 US

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Example Observation: BloodPressurePanel-example

Generated Narrative: Observation

Resource Observation "BloodPressurePanel-example"

Profile: Blood Pressure Panel

bodyPosition: Sitting Position (SNOMED CT#33586001)

Sleep Status: Awake (SNOMED CT#248218005)

Exercise Association: At rest (SNOMED CT#263678003)

status: final

category: Vital Signs (Observation Category Codes#vital-signs)

code: Blood pressure panel with all children optional (LOINC#85354-9)

subject: : Small Child1234

effective: 2019-10-16 12:12:29-0900

issued: Oct 16, 2019 10:12:29 PM

performer: : A. Pediatrician6

bodySite: Structure of left brachial artery (body structure) (SNOMED CT#723961002)

device: Device/BPDevice1-example


code: Systolic blood pressure (LOINC#8480-6)

value: 120 mm[Hg] (Details: UCUM code mm[Hg] = 'mm[Hg]')


code: Diastolic blood pressure (LOINC#8462-4)

value: 80 mm[Hg] (Details: UCUM code mm[Hg] = 'mm[Hg]')