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Example InsurancePlan: AcmeQHPGold

Generated Narrative

Resource "AcmeQHPGold" Updated "2020-07-07 01:26:22+0000" (Language "en-US")

Profile: Plan-Net InsurancePlan

status: active

type: Qualified Health Plan (Insurance Product Type#qhp)

name: Acme of CT QHP Gold

ownedBy: Organization/Acme "Acme of CT"

administeredBy: Organization/Acme "Acme of CT"

coverageArea: Location/StateOfCTLocation "State of CT Area"

endpoint: Endpoint/AcmeOfCTPortalEndpoint "Endpoint for Acme of CT Portal"



*Gold-QHP (Insurance Plan Type#gold)


resourceType "InsurancePlan"
id "AcmeQHPGold"
meta.lastUpdated "2020-07-07T13:26:22.0314215+00:00"
status "active"
language "en-US"
name "Acme of CT QHP Gold"
type[0].coding[0].code #qhp
type[0].coding[0].system "http://hl7.org/fhir/us/davinci-pdex-plan-net/CodeSystem/InsuranceProductTypeCS"
type[0].coding[0].display "Qualified Health Plan"
plan[0].type.coding[0].code #gold
plan[0].type.coding[0].system "http://hl7.org/fhir/us/davinci-pdex-plan-net/CodeSystem/InsurancePlanTypeCS"
plan[0].type.coding[0].display "Gold-QHP"
ownedBy.reference "Organization/Acme"
administeredBy.reference "Organization/Acme"
network[0].reference "Organization/AcmeofCTStdNet"
network[1].reference "Organization/AcmeofCTPremNet"
coverageArea[0].reference "Location/StateOfCTLocation"
endpoint[0].reference "Endpoint/AcmeOfCTPortalEndpoint"