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Name:SNOMED CT Clinical Findings
Definition:This value set includes all SNOMED CT Clinical Findings.
OID:2.16.840.1.113883.4.642.2.55 (for OID based terminology systems)
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109006Anxiety disorder of childhood OR adolescence (disorder)
122003Choroidal hemorrhage (disorder)
127009Miscarriage with tear of cervix
129007Homoiothermia (finding)
134006Decreased hair growth (finding)
140004Chronic pharyngitis (disorder)
144008Normal peripheral vision (finding)
147001Superficial foreign body of scrotum without major open wound but with infection (disorder)
150003Abnormal bladder continence (finding)
151004Gonococcal meningitis (disorder)
162004Severe manic bipolar I disorder without psychotic features (disorder)
165002Accident prone (finding)
168000Typhlolithiasis (disorder)
171008Injury of ascending right colon without open wound into abdominal cavity (disorder)
172001Endometritis following molar AND/OR ectopic pregnancy (disorder)
175004Supraorbital neuralgia (disorder)
177007Poisoning by sawfly larvae (disorder)
179005Apraxia of dressing (finding)
181007Hemorrhagic bronchopneumonia (disorder)
183005Autoimmune pancytopenia (disorder)
184004Withdrawal arrhythmia (disorder)
188001Injury of intercostal artery (disorder)
192008Congenital syphilitic hepatomegaly (disorder)
193003Benign hypertensive renal disease (disorder)
195005Illegal abortion with endometritis (disorder)
198007Disease due to Filoviridae (disorder)
199004Decreased lactation
208008Neurocutaneous melanosis sequence (disorder)
216004Delusion of persecution (finding)
219006Current drinker of alcohol (finding)
222008Acute epiglottitis with obstruction (disorder)
223003Tumor of body of uterus affecting pregnancy (disorder)
228007Lucio phenomenon
241006Epilepsia partialis continua (disorder)
242004Noninfectious jejunitis (disorder)
253005Sycosis (disorder)
257006Acne rosacea, erythematous telangiectatic type (disorder)
258001Pseudoknuckle pad (disorder)
264008Blind hypertensive eye (disorder)
276008Poisoning by oxytocin (disorder)
279001Senile myocarditis (disorder)
281004Alcohol-induced persisting dementia
282006Acute myocardial infarction of basal-lateral wall (disorder)
290006Melnick-Fraser syndrome (disorder)
292003Electroencephalogram finding (finding)
297009Acute myringitis (disorder)
299007Paraffinoma of skin (disorder)
303002Apoplectic pancreatitis (disorder)
308006Pearly penile papules (disorder)
310008Boil of penis (disorder)
313005Déjà vu (finding)
317006Reactive hypoglycemia (disorder)
320003Cervical dilatation, 1cm (finding)
324007Plaster ulcer (disorder)
330007Occipital headache (finding)
335002Pylorospasm (disorder)
341009ABO incompatibility reaction (disorder)
349006Absent tendon reflex (finding)
355001Hemorrhagic shock (disorder)
357009Closed fracture of trapezoidal bone of wrist (disorder)
358004Poisoning by smallpox vaccine (disorder)
359007Kernicterus due to isoimmunization (disorder)
360002Acute radiation disease (disorder)
364006Acute left-sided heart failure (disorder)
366008Hidromeiosis (finding)
368009Heart valve disorder (disorder)
369001Normal jugular venous pressure (finding)
378007Hereditary enchondral dysostosis
382009Legal history finding relating to child (finding)
383004Finding of passive range of hip extension (finding)
385006Secondary peripheral neuropathy (disorder)
387003Melanuria (finding)
398002Left axis deviation greater than -90 degrees by electrocardiogram (finding)
407000Congenital hepatomegaly (disorder)
408005Tooth chattering (finding)
409002Food allergy diet (finding)
426008Superficial injury of ankle without infection (disorder)
431005Hypertrophy of scrotum (disorder)
437009Abnormal composition of urine (finding)
440009Persistent hyperphenylalaninemia (disorder)
442001Secondary hypopituitarism (disorder)
443006Cystocele affecting pregnancy (disorder)
447007Coach in sports activity accident (finding)
450005Ulcerative stomatitis (disorder)
452002Blister of groin without infection (disorder)
460001Squamous metaplasia of prostate gland (disorder)
467003Old laceration of muscles of pelvic floor (disorder)
470004Vitreous touch syndrome (disorder)
479003Graves' disease with pretibial myxedema AND with thyrotoxic crisis (disorder)
486006Acute vascular insufficiency (disorder)
488007Fibroid myocarditis (disorder)
490008Upper respiratory tract hypersensitivity reaction (disorder)
495003Disease due to Capripoxviridae (disorder)
496002Closed traumatic dislocation of third cervical vertebra (disorder)
504009Androgen-dependent hirsutism
517007Foreign body in hypopharynx (disorder)
518002Multiple aggregation (finding)
520004Congenital bent nose (disorder)
527001Spontaneous fetal evolution, Roederer's method (finding)
536002Glissonian cirrhosis (disorder)
539009Conjunctival argyrosis (disorder)
547009Hypersecretion of calcitonin (disorder)
54800413p partial trisomy syndrome (disorder)
5540032p partial trisomy syndrome (disorder)
555002Dicentra species poisoning (disorder)
563001Nystagmus (disorder)
568005Tic disorder
586008Contact dermatitis due to primrose (disorder)
590005Congenital aneurysm of anterior communicating artery (disorder)
596004Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (disorder)
599006Chronic pneumothorax (disorder)
600009Pyromania (disorder)
602001Ross river fever (disorder)
607007Decreased vital capacity (finding)
610000Spastic aphonia (disorder)
613003Fragile X syndrome (disorder)
615005Obstruction due to foreign body accidentally left in operative wound AND/OR body cavity during a procedure (disorder)
616006Sensorimotor disorder of eyelid (disorder)
626004Hypercortisolism due to nonpituitary tumor (disorder)
631002Transfusion reaction due to minor incompatibility (disorder)
634005Saddle boil (disorder)
640003Injury of pneumogastric nerve (disorder)
643001Hypertrophy of lip (disorder)
646009Idiopathic cyst of anterior chamber (disorder)
649002Open fracture of distal end of ulna (disorder)
651003Root work (disorder)
652005Gangrenous tonsillitis (disorder)
655007Abnormal fetal heart beat noted before labor in liveborn infant (disorder)
658009Injury of colon without open wound into abdominal cavity (disorder)
663008Pulmonary embolism following molar AND/OR ectopic pregnancy (disorder)
664002Delayed ovulation (finding)
666000Poisoning by antivaricose drug AND/OR sclerosing agent (disorder)
675003Torsion of intestine (disorder)
682004Thrombosis complicating pregnancy AND/OR puerperium (disorder)
685002Acquired telangiectasia of small AND/OR large intestines (disorder)
701003Adult osteochondritis of spine (disorder)
703000Congenital adhesions of tongue (disorder)
714002Abrasion and/or friction burn of toe with infection (disorder)
715001Nontraumatic rupture of urethra (disorder)
718004Acute bronchiolitis with obstruction (disorder)
733007Superficial foreign body of groin without major open wound but with infection (disorder)
734001Opocephalus (disorder)
736004Abscess of hip (disorder)
750009Schistosoma mansoni infection (disorder)
755004Postgastrectomy phytobezoar (disorder)
756003Chronic rheumatic myopericarditis (disorder)
758002Cyst of uterus (disorder)
775008Open wound of head with complication (disorder)
776009Partial arterial retinal occlusion
781000Cestrum diurnum poisoning (disorder)
786005Clinical stage I B (finding)
787001Rheumatic mitral stenosis with regurgitation (disorder)
788006Disease-related diet (finding)
792004Jakob-Creutzfeldt disease (disorder)
799008Sigmoid colon ulcer (disorder)
801006Nonvenomous insect bite of foot with infection (disorder)
805002Pneumoconiosis due to silica (disorder)
811004Flail motion (finding)
813001Ankle instability
815008Episcleritis (disorder)
816009Genetic recombination (finding)
818005Third degree burn of multiple sites of lower limb (disorder)
825003Superficial injury of axilla with infection (disorder)
827006Late congenital syphilis, latent (positive serology - cerebrospinal fluid, 2 years OR more) (disorder)
832007Moderate major depression (disorder)
834008Frontal sedentary coital position
841002Congenital absence of skull bone (disorder)
842009Consanguinity (finding)
843004Poliomyelomalacia (disorder)
844005Behavior finding (finding)
845006Injury of inferior mesenteric artery (disorder)
849000Mature cataract (disorder)
857002Erythema simplex (disorder)
862001Anemia due to chlorates (disorder)
865004Hyperalimentation formula for ileus (finding)
871005Contracted pelvis (disorder)
874002Therapeutic diuresis (finding)
875001Chalcosis of eye (disorder)
888003Fetal or neonatal effect of maternal blood loss (disorder)
890002Deep third degree burn of elbow (disorder)
899001Axis I diagnosis (disorder)
903008Chorioretinal infarction (disorder)
904002Pinard's sign (finding)
908004Superficial injury of interscapular region without infection
928000Disorder of musculoskeletal system (disorder)
931004Gestation period, 9 weeks (finding)
932006Flat affect (finding)
934007Thalassemia intermedia (disorder)
943003Congenital retinal aneurysm (disorder)
954008Renon-Delille syndrome (disorder)
961007Erythema nodosum, acute form (disorder)
962000Disability evaluation, disability 6% (finding)
964004Open wound of pharynx without complication (disorder)
965003Toxic amblyopia (disorder)
975000Anorectal agenesis (disorder)
978003Chronic infantile eczema (disorder)
981008Hemorrhagic proctitis (disorder)
984000Perirectal cellulitis (disorder)
987007Cellulitis of temple region (disorder)
991002Wide QRS complex (finding)
998008Chagas' disease with heart involvement (disorder)
1003002Religious discrimination (finding)
1020003Disease due to Nairovirus (disorder)
1023001Apnea (finding)
1027000Alkaline reflux disease (disorder)
1031006Open wound of trachea without complication (disorder)
1033009Thoracic arthritis (disorder)
1034003Mesenteric-portal fistula (disorder)
1038000Disacchariduria (disorder)
1045000Colonospasm (disorder)
1046004Ureteritis glandularis (disorder)
1051005Hyperplasia of islet alpha cells with gastrin excess (disorder)
1055001Stenosis of precerebral artery (disorder)
1059007Opisthorchiasis (disorder)
1070000Facial myokymia (finding)
1073003Xeroderma pigmentosum, group B (disorder)
1074009Glucocorticoid-responsive primary aldosteronism (disorder)
1077002Septal infarction by electrocardiogram (finding)
1079004Macular pseudohole retinal cyst
1085006Candidiasis of vulva (disorder)
1089000Intrauterine sepsis of fetus (disorder)
1102005Intraerythrocytic parasitosis by Nuttallia (disorder)
1107004Early latent syphilis, positive serology, negative cerebrospinal fluid, with relapse after treatment (disorder)
1108009Female pattern alopecia (disorder)
1111005Normal sebaceous gland activity (finding)
1112003Degenerative disorder of eyelid (disorder)
1116000Chronic aggressive type B viral hepatitis (disorder)
1124005Postpartum period, 6 days (finding)
1125006Sepsis during labor (disorder)
1126007Knee locking (finding)
1131009Congenital valvular insufficiency (disorder)
1134001Muehrcke's lines (disorder)
1135000Solar retinopathy (disorder)
1139006Confrontation (visual) test (finding)
1140008Thermal hypesthesia (finding)
1141007Circumoral paresthesia (finding)
1145003Developmental speech disorder (disorder)
1150009Congenital microcheilia (disorder)
1151008Visual field constriction (finding)
1152001Skin reaction negative (finding)
1155004Myocardial hypertrophy, determined by electrocardiogram (finding)
1156003Cavitary prostatitis (disorder)
1168007Allotype (finding)
1184008Glasgow coma scale, 10 (finding)
1192004Familial amyloid neuropathy, Finnish type (disorder)
1194003Disease condition determination, well controlled (finding)
1196001Chronic bipolar II disorder, most recent episode major depressive (disorder)
1197005Carbuncle of heel (disorder)
1201005Benign essential hypertension (disorder)
1203008Deep third degree burn of forehead AND/OR cheek with loss of body part (disorder)
1207009Glaucomatous atrophy of optic disc (disorder)
1208004Gastroptosis (disorder)
1212005Childhood type dermatomyositis (disorder)
1214006Infection by Strongyloides (disorder)
1230003No diagnosis on Axis I (finding)
1232006Congenital articular rigidity with myopathy (disorder)
1239002Congenital anteversion of femur (disorder)
1240000Prone body position (finding)
1259003Schistosis (disorder)
1261007Fracture of multiple ribs (disorder)
1264004Injury of descending left colon without open wound into abdominal cavity (disorder)
1271009Knuckle pads, deafness AND leukonychia syndrome (disorder)
1280009Isologous chimera (disorder)
1282001Perichondritis of larynx (disorder)
1283006Visual acuity less than .02 (1/60, count fingers 1 meter) or visual field less than 5 degrees, but better than 5. (finding)
1284000Abnormal jaw closure (disorder)
1286003Vitamin K deficiency coagulation disorder (disorder)
1287007Congenital absence of bile duct (disorder)
1297003Infection by Cladosporium carrionii (disorder)
1308001Complication of reimplant (disorder)
1310004Impaired glucose tolerance associated with genetic syndrome (disorder)
1317001Injury of ovary without open wound into abdominal cavity
1318006Post-translational genetic protein processing (finding)
1323006Poisoning by kanamycin (disorder)
1332008Conjugated visual deviation (finding)
1335005Induratio penis plastica (disorder)
1343000DTA - Deep transverse arrest
1345007Hang nail (disorder)
1351002Injury of iliac artery (disorder)
1356007Calculus of common duct with obstruction (disorder)
1361009Leukocoria (disorder)
1363007Fetal or neonatal effect of chronic maternal respiratory disease (disorder)
1367008Injury of superior mesenteric artery (disorder)
1370007Open fracture of metacarpal bone (disorder)
1372004Uterus unicornis (disorder)
1376001Obsessive compulsive personality disorder (disorder)
1378000Supination-eversion injury of ankle (disorder)
1380006Agoraphobia without history of panic disorder with limited symptom attacks (disorder)
1383008Hallucinogen mood disorder (disorder)
1384002Diffuse cholesteatosis of middle ear (disorder)
1386000Intracranial haemorrhage
1387009Solanum nigrum poisoning (disorder)
1388004Metabolic alkalosis (disorder)
1393001Lenz-Majewski hyperostosis syndrome (disorder)
1395008Complication of ultrasound therapy (disorder)
1402001Fear (finding)
1412008Anterior subcapsular polar cataract (disorder)
1415005Lymphangitis (disorder)
1418007Hypoplastic chondrodystrophy (disorder)
1419004Injury of prostate without open wound into abdominal cavity (disorder)
1426004Necrotizing glomerulonephritis (disorder)
1427008Intraspinal abscess (disorder)
1430001Intracranial hemorrhage following injury without open intracranial wound AND with prolonged loss of consciousness (more than 24 hours) without return to pre-existing level (disorder)
1447000Icthyoparasitism (disorder)
1469007Miscarriage with urinary tract infection (disorder)
1474004Hypertensive heart AND renal disease complicating AND/OR reason for care during childbirth (disorder)
1475003Herpes labialis (disorder)
1478001Obliteration of lymphatic vessel (disorder)
147900920q partial trisomy syndrome (disorder)
1482004Chalazion (disorder)
1486001Orbital congestion (disorder)
1488000Postoperative nausea and vomiting (disorder)
1489008Hordeolum externum (disorder)
1492007Congenital anomaly of large intestine (disorder)
1493002Acute endophthalmitis (disorder)
1499003Bipolar I disorder, single manic episode with postpartum onset (disorder)
1512006Congenital stricture of bile duct (disorder)
1515008Gorham's disease (disorder)
1518005Splenitis (disorder)
1519002Congenital phlebectasia (disorder)
1521007Blister of buttock without infection (disorder)
1523005Clinical stage IV B (finding)
1525003Blister of foot without infection (disorder)
1531000Poisoning by nitrofuran derivatives (disorder)
1532007Viral pharyngitis (disorder)
1534008Palsy of conjugate gaze (disorder)
1538006Central nervous system malformation in fetus affecting obstetrical care (disorder)
1539003Acquired trigger finger (disorder)
1542009Omphalocele with obstruction (disorder)
1544005Open dislocation of knee (disorder)
1551001Osteomyelitis of femur (disorder)
1556006Clark melanoma level 4 (finding)
1563006Protein S deficiency disease (disorder)
1567007Chronic gastric ulcer without hemorrhage, without perforation AND without obstruction
1588003Heterosexual precocious puberty (disorder)
1592005Failed attempted abortion with uremia (disorder)
1593000Infantile hemiplegia (disorder)
1606009Infection by Macracanthorhynchus hirudinaceus (disorder)
1608005Increased capillary permeability (finding)
1639007Abnormality of organs AND/OR soft tissues of pelvis affecting pregnancy (disorder)
1647007Poisoning by primaquine (disorder)
1648002Lymphocytic pseudotumor of lung (disorder)
1654001Steroid-induced glaucoma
1657008Mevinphos poisoning (disorder)
1658003Closed fracture of acromial end of clavicle (disorder)
1663004G2 grade (finding)
1667003Early fontanel closure (finding)
1670004Cerebral hemiparesis (disorder)
1671000Sago spleen (disorder)
1674008Juvenile epithelial corneal dystrophy (disorder)
1679003Arthritis associated with another disorder (disorder)
1682008Transitory amino acid metabolic disorder (disorder)
1685005Rat bite fever (disorder)
1686006Sedative, hypnotic AND/OR anxiolytic-induced anxiety disorder (disorder)
1692000P pulmonale by electrocardiogram (finding)
1694004Accessory lobe of lung (disorder)
1698001Ulcer of bile duct (disorder)
1703007Increased leg circumference (finding)
1705000Closed fracture of base of neck of femur (disorder)
1708003Open dislocation of clavicle (disorder)
1714005Photokeratitis (disorder)
1717003Idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis (disorder)
1720006Dextroposition of aorta (disorder)
1723008Urethral stricture due to schistosomiasis (disorder)
1724002Infection by Crenosoma (disorder)
1734006Fracture of vertebral column with spinal cord injury (disorder)
1735007Thrill (finding)
1739001Fracture of occipital bone (disorder)
1742007Female hypererotism (finding)
1744008Fusion of teeth (disorder)
1748006Thrombophlebitis of deep femoral vein (disorder)
1755008Old myocardial infarction (disorder)
1761006Biliary cirrhosis (disorder)
1763009Interstitial keratitis (disorder)
1767005Fisher's syndrome (disorder)
1769008Thoracodidymus (disorder)
1771008Insulin biosynthesis defect (disorder)
1776003Renal tubular acidosis (disorder)
1777007Increased molecular dissociation (finding)
1778002Malocclusion due to abnormal swallowing (disorder)
1779005Mohr syndrome (disorder)
1794009Idiopathic corneal edema (disorder)
1816003Panic disorder with agoraphobia, severe agoraphobic avoidance AND mild panic attacks (disorder)
1821000Chemoreceptor apnea (finding)
1822007Impaired glucose tolerance associated with pancreatic disease (disorder)
1824008Allergic gastritis (disorder)
1826005Granuloma of lip (disorder)
1828006Infestation by Gasterophilus haemorrhoidalis
1829003Microcephalus (disorder)
1833005Phacoanaphylactic endophthalmitis (disorder)
1835003Necrosis of pancreas (disorder)
1837006Poisoning by metaproterenol (disorder)
1845001Paraparesis (disorder)
1848004Poisoning by gaseous anesthetic (disorder)
1852004Traumatic injury of abducens nerve (disorder)
1855002Developmental academic disorder (disorder)
1856001Accessory nose (disorder)
1857005Congenital rubella syndrome (disorder)
1858000Infection by Stilesia globipunctata (disorder)
1860003Fluid volume disorder (disorder)
1865008Impaired intestinal protein absorption (finding)
1869002Rupture of sphincter of pupil (disorder)
1881003Increased nutritional requirement (finding)
1892002Star figure at the macula (finding)
1896004Ectopic breast tissue
1897008Amsinckia species poisoning (disorder)
1899006Autosomal hereditary disorder (disorder)
1903004Infestation by Psorergates ovis (disorder)
1908008von Willebrand disease, type IIC (disorder)
1909000Impairment level: better eye: severe impairment: lesser eye: near-total impairment (disorder)
1922008Congenital absence of urethra (disorder)
1926006Osteopetrosis (disorder)
1938002Emotional AND/OR mental disease in mother complicating pregnancy, childbirth AND/OR puerperium (disorder)
1939005Abnormal vascular flow (finding)
1943009Right-left disorientation (finding)
1953005Congenital deficiency of pigment of skin (disorder)
1954004Dilated cardiomyopathy secondary to toxic reaction (disorder)
1955003Preauricular dimple (disorder)
1959009Encephalartos species poisoning (disorder)
1961000Chronic polyarticular juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (disorder)
1963002Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (disorder)
1965009Normal skin pH (finding)
1967001Longitudinal absence of radius AND ulna (disorder)
1973000Sedative, hypnotic AND/OR anxiolytic-induced psychotic disorder with delusions (disorder)
1977004Poisoning by oxymetholone (disorder)
1979001Focal choroiditis (disorder)
1980003Seromucinous otitis media (disorder)
1981004Urhidrosis (disorder)
1988005Late effect of injury to nerve roots, spinal plexus AND/OR other nerves of trunk (disorder)
1989002Burn of vagina AND/OR uterus (disorder)
2004005Normal blood pressure (finding)
2012002Fracture of lunate bone of wrist (disorder)
2024009Dilated cardiomyopathy secondary to metazoal myocarditis (disorder)
2028007Erythema induratum (disorder)
2032001Cerebral edema (disorder)
2036003Acquired factor VII deficiency disease (disorder)
2040007Neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome (disorder)
2041006Eunuchoid gigantism (disorder)
2043009Alcoholic gastritis (disorder)
2053005Late effect of injury to blood vessels of thorax, abdomen AND/OR pelvis (disorder)
2055003Recurrent erosion of cornea (disorder)
2058001Bilateral loss of labyrinthine reactivity
2061000Conductive hearing loss of combined sites (disorder)
2065009Dominant hereditary optic atrophy (disorder)
2066005Gastric ulcer with hemorrhage AND perforation but without obstruction (disorder)
2070002Burning sensation in eye (finding)
2073000Delusions (finding)
2087000Pulmonary nocardiosis (disorder)
2089002Osteitis deformans (disorder)
2091005Pharyngeal diverticulitis (disorder)
2094002Toxic effect of carbon disulfide (disorder)
2102007Deep vascularization of cornea (disorder)
2103002Steinbrocker's syndrome
2107001Anisomelia (disorder)
2109003Isolated somatotropin deficiency (disorder)
2114004Infection by Cysticercus pisiformis (disorder)
2116002Intramembranous bone formation (finding)
2120003Weak cry (finding)
2121004Poisoning by ethopropazine (disorder)
2128005Disorder of adenoid (disorder)
2129002Edema of pharynx (disorder)
2132004Meconium in amniotic fluid noted before labor in liveborn infant (disorder)
2134003Diffuse pain (finding)
2136001Open wound of jaw with complication (disorder)
2138000Left sacroposterior position (finding)
2145000Anal penetration (finding)
2149006Decreased hormone production (finding)
2158004Infection by Contracaecum (disorder)
2167004Retinal hemangioblastomatosis (disorder)
2169001Thoracic radiculitis (disorder)
2170000Gallop rhythm (finding)
2176006Halogen acne (disorder)
2177002Postherpetic neuralgia (disorder)
2186007Compensated metabolic alkalosis (disorder)
2198002Visceral epilepsy (disorder)
2202000Open posterior dislocation of distal end of femur (disorder)
2204004Acquired deformity of pinna (disorder)
2213002Congenital anomaly of vena cava (disorder)
2216005Nocturnal emission (finding)
2217001Superficial injury of perineum without infection (disorder)
2219003Disability evaluation, disability 100% (finding)
2224000Selenium poisoning (disorder)
2228002Scintillating scotoma
2229005Chimera (disorder)
2231001Nerve plexus disorder (disorder)
2237002Pleural pain
2239004Previous pregnancies 6 (finding)
2241003X-linked absence of thyroxine-binding globulin
2243000Hypercalcemia due to hyperthyroidism (disorder)
2245007Foreign body in nasopharynx (disorder)
2251002Primary hypotony of eye (disorder)
2256007Monozygotic twins (finding)
2261009Obstetrical pulmonary fat embolism (disorder)
2268003Victim of homosexual aggression (finding)
2284002Pulsating exophthalmos (disorder)
2295008Closed fracture of upper end of forearm (disorder)
2296009Iron dextran toxicity (disorder)
2298005Goltz syndrome (disorder)
2301009Psychosomatic factor in physical condition, psychological component of unknown degree (finding)
2303007Inguinal hernia with gangrene (disorder)
2304001Discitis (disorder)
2307008Fat necrosis of pancreas (disorder)
2308003Silent alleles (finding)
2312009Reactive attachment disorder of infancy OR early childhood, inhibited type (disorder)
2314005Unprotected sexual intercourse (finding)
2326000Marriage annulment (finding)
2339001Sexual overexposure (finding)
2341000Infection by Moniliformis (disorder)
2351004Genetic transduction (finding)
2355008Rud's syndrome (disorder)
2359002Hyper-beta-alaninemia (disorder)
2365002Chronic granular pharyngitis (disorder)
2366001Late effect of dislocation (disorder)
2367005Acute hemorrhagic gastritis (disorder)
2374000Monofascicular block
2385003Cellulitis of pectoral region (disorder)
2388001Normal variation in translucency (finding)
2390000Acute gonococcal vulvovaginitis (disorder)
2391001Achondrogenesis (disorder)
2396006Malignant pyoderma (disorder)
2398007Quinidine toxicity by electrocardiogram (finding)
2403008Psychoactive substance dependence (disorder)
2415007Lumbosacral radiculopathy (disorder)
2418009Toxic effect of polyester fumes (disorder)
2419001Open wound of forehead with complication (disorder)
2420007Third degree burn of multiple sites of upper limb (disorder)
2432006Cerebrospinal fluid circulation disorder (finding)
2435008Ascariasis (disorder)
2437000Placenta circumvallata (disorder)
2438005Iniencephaly (disorder)
2439002Purulent endocarditis (disorder)
2443003Hydrogen sulfide poisoning (disorder)
2452007Fetal rotation (finding)
2463005Acquired heterochromia of iris (disorder)
2469009Onychomalacia (disorder)
2470005Brain damage (disorder)
2471009Postoperative intra-abdominal abscess (disorder)
2472002Anuria (finding)
2473007Intermittent vertical heterotropia (disorder)
2477008Superficial thrombophlebitis (disorder)
2492009Nutritional disorder (disorder)
2495006Congenital cerebral arteriovenous aneurysm (disorder)
2496007Acalculia (finding)
2506003Early onset dysthymia (disorder)
2513003Tinea capitis due to Trichophyton (disorder)
2518007Cryptogenic sexual precocity (disorder)
2521009Bone conduction better than air (finding)
2523007Salmonella pneumonia (disorder)
2526004Noninflammatory disorder of the female genital organs (disorder)
2528003Viremia (finding)
2532009Choroidal rupture (disorder)
2534005Congenital absence of vena cava (disorder)
2538008Ketosis (disorder)
2541004Compulsive buying (finding)
2554006Acute purulent pericarditis (disorder)
2556008Periodontal disease (disorder)
2560006Syndactyly of fingers with fusion of bones (disorder)
2562003Athanasia trifurcata poisoning (disorder)
2576002Trachoma (disorder)
2581006Clasp-knife phenomenon
2582004Deep third degree burn of multiple sites of lower limb (disorder)
2583009Chiari's network (disorder)
2584003Cerebral degeneration in childhood (disorder)
2585002Pneumococcal pleurisy (disorder)
2589008Acute dacryoadenitis (disorder)
2591000Crushing injury of shoulder region (disorder)
2593002Dubowitz's syndrome (disorder)
2602008Hemarthrosis of shoulder region (disorder)
2606006Furuncle of perineum (disorder)
2615004Follicular cyst of ovary (disorder)
2618002Chronic recurrent major depressive disorder (disorder)
2622007Infected ulcer of skin (disorder)
2624008Prepubertal periodontitis (disorder)
2625009Senter syndrome (disorder)
2630008Open wound of finger without complication (disorder)
2634004Decreased blood erythrocyte volume (finding)
2638001Hypercalcemia due to a drug (disorder)
2640006Clinical stage IV (finding)
2651006Closed traumatic dislocation of elbow joint (disorder)
2655002Invalidism (finding)
2657005Overflow proteinuria (finding)
2663001Palpatory proteinuria (finding)
2665008Coordinate convulsion (finding)
2683000Nonvenomous insect bite of axilla without infection (disorder)
2689001Dominant dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa with absence of skin (disorder)
2694001Myelophthisic anemia (disorder)
2704003Acute disease (disorder)
2707005Necrotizing enterocolitis in fetus OR newborn (disorder)
2713001Closed pneumothorax (disorder)
2724004Auditory recruitment
2725003Previous abnormality of glucose tolerance (disorder)
2733002Heel pain (finding)
2736005Atrophoderma vermiculatum (disorder)
2740001Gouty proteinuria
2749000Congenital deformity of hip joint (disorder)
2751001Fibrocalculous pancreatic diabetes (disorder)
2761008Decreased stool caliber (finding)
2764000Joint crepitus (finding)
2770006Fetal or neonatal effect of antibiotic transmitted via placenta and/or breast milk (disorder)
2772003Acquired epidermolysis bullosa (disorder)
2775001Loose body in joint (disorder)
2776000Delirium (disorder)
2781009Miscarriage complicated by delayed and/or excessive hemorrhage (disorder)
2782002Temporomandibular dysplasia (disorder)
2783007Gastrojejunal ulcer without hemorrhage AND without perforation (disorder)
2786004Epithelial ovarian tumor, International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics stage III (finding)
2790002Impairment level: one eye: total impairment: other eye: not specified (disorder)
2805007Phosmet poisoning (disorder)
2806008Impaired psychomotor development (finding)
2807004Chronic gastrojejunal ulcer with perforation (disorder)
2808009Infection by Prosthenorchis elegans (disorder)
2815001Sexual pyromania (disorder)
2816000Dilated cardiomyopathy secondary to myotonic dystrophy (disorder)
2818004Congenital vascular anomaly of eye (disorder)
2819007Poisoning by magnesium sulfate (disorder)
2825006Abrasion and/or friction burn of gum without infection (disorder)
2828008Congenital stenosis of nares (disorder)
2829000Uhl's disease (disorder)
2831009Pyloric antral vascular ectasia (disorder)
2835000Hemolytic anemia due to vascular prosthesis
2836004Toxic effect of butane (disorder)
2838003Piblokto (disorder)
2840008Open fracture of vault of skull with cerebral laceration AND/OR contusion (disorder)
2850009Infection by Schistosoma incognitum (disorder)
2853006Macular keratitis (disorder)
2856003Vitamin A-responsive dermatosis (disorder)
2858002Puerperal sepsis (disorder)
2884008Weill-Marchesani syndrome
2893009Anomaly of chromosome pair 10 (disorder)
2897005Immune thrombocytopenia (disorder)
2899008Thought block (finding)
2900003Hyperplasia of renal artery (disorder)
2901004Melena (disorder)
2902006Decreased lymphocyte life span (finding)
2904007Male infertility (disorder)
2910007Discharge from penis (finding)
2912004Cystic-bullous disease of the lung (disorder)
2917005Transient hypothyroidism (disorder)
2918000Infection due to Bacteroides (disorder)
2919008Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea (disorder)
2929001Occlusion of artery (disorder)
2935001Poisoning by antiasthmatic (disorder)
2940009Intrabasal vesicular dermatitis (disorder)
2946003Osmotic diarrhea (disorder)
2951009Andogsky's syndrome
2955000Chronic ulcerative pulpitis (disorder)
2965006Congenital alopecia (disorder)
2967003Non-comitant strabismus (disorder)
2972007Anterior spinal artery occlusion syndrome (disorder)
2973002Pelvic organ injury without open wound into abdominal cavity (disorder)
2978006Aneurysm of conjunctiva (disorder)
2981001Pulsatile mass of abdomen (finding)
2989004Complication following molar AND/OR ectopic pregnancy (disorder)
2990008Lymphocytic leukemoid reaction (disorder)
2992000Pigmentary pallidal degeneration (disorder)
2994004Brain fag (disorder)
2999009Injury of ear
3002002Hemorrhage of thyroid (disorder)
3004001Congenital dilatation of esophagus (disorder)
3006004Disturbance of consciousness (finding)
3009006Solanum malacoxylon poisoning (disorder)
3013004Open wound of ear drum without complication (disorder)
3014005Id reaction (disorder)
3018008Penetration of eyeball with magnetic foreign body (disorder)
3019000Closed anterior dislocation of elbow (disorder)
3021005Normal gastric acidity (finding)
3023008Acute peptic ulcer without hemorrhage, without perforation AND without obstruction (disorder)
3032005Nonvenomous insect bite of cheek without infection (disorder)
3033000Bone AND/OR joint disorder of pelvis in mother complicating pregnancy, childbirth AND/OR puerperium (disorder)
3038009Acute lymphangitis of umbilicus (disorder)
3044008Vitreous prolapse (disorder)
3053001Poisoning by nitroglycerin (disorder)
3059002Acute lymphangitis of thigh (disorder)
3067005Weak C phenotype (finding)
3071008Widow (finding)
3072001Hormone-induced hypopituitarism (disorder)
3073006Ruvalcaba syndrome (disorder)
3084004Nonvenomous insect bite of gum without infection (disorder)
3089009Disability evaluation, impairment, class 7
3094009Vomiting in infants AND/OR children (disorder)
3095005Induced malaria (disorder)
3097002Superficial injury of lip with infection (disorder)
3098007Rupture of interventricular septum (disorder)
3105002Intron (finding)
3109008Secondary dysthymia early onset
3110003Acute otitis media (disorder)
3119002Brain stem laceration with open intracranial wound AND loss of consciousness (disorder)
3129009Infarction of ovary (disorder)
3135009Otitis externa (disorder)
3140001Citrullinemia, subacute type (disorder)
3144005Staphylococcal pleurisy (disorder)
3158007Panic disorder with agoraphobia, agoraphobic avoidance in partial remission AND panic attacks in partial remission (disorder)
3160009Female infertility of cervical origin (disorder)
3163006Acute adenoviral follicular conjunctivitis (disorder)
3168002Thrombophlebitis of intracranial venous sinus (disorder)
3185000Mood-congruent delusion (finding)
3199001Sprain of shoulder (disorder)
3200003Sacrocoxalgia (finding)
3208005Open wound of ossicles without complication (disorder)
3214003Invasive pulmonary aspergillosis (disorder)
3217005Open dislocation of sixth cervical vertebra (disorder)
3218000Mycosis (disorder)
3219008Disease type AND/OR category unknown (finding)
3228009Closed fracture of shaft of radius (disorder)
3229001Ulcer of trachea (disorder)
3230006Illegal abortion with afibrinogenemia (disorder)
3238004Pericarditis (disorder)
3239007Lymphocyte disorder (disorder)
3253007Discoloration of skin (finding)
3254001Infection by Strongyloides westeri (disorder)
3259006Homeria species poisoning (disorder)
3261002Migratory osteolysis (disorder)
3263004Verumontanitis (disorder)
3272007Stomatocytosis (disorder)
3274008Flat chest (disorder)
3275009Behcet's syndrome, vascular type (disorder)
3276005Toad poisoning (disorder)
3277001Terminal mood insomnia (finding)
3282008Welders' keratitis (disorder)
3283003Feeling of sand or foreign body in eye (finding)
3286006Patient status determination, greatly improved (finding)
3289004Anisometropia (disorder)
3291007Closed fracture of two ribs (disorder)
3298001Amnestic disorder (disorder)
3303004Disease due to Arenavirus (disorder)
3304005Bronchial compression (disorder)
3305006Disorder of lymphatic vessel (disorder)
3308008Atrophic-hyperplastic gastritis (disorder)
3310005Foreign body granuloma of skin
3321001Renal abscess (disorder)
3323003Leukoplakia of penis (disorder)
3327002Jerk nystagmus (disorder)
3331008Open fracture of neck of metacarpal bone (disorder)
3344003Toxic labyrinthitis (disorder)
3345002Idiopathic osteoporosis (disorder)
3355003Poisoning by anti-common cold drug (disorder)
3358001Lichen ruber moniliformis (disorder)
3368006Dull chest pain (finding)
3376008Pseudoptyalism (disorder)
3381004Open fracture of talus (disorder)
3387000Auditory discrimination aphasia (disorder)
3391005Negative for tumor cells (finding)
3393008Phlebitis following infusion, perfusion AND/OR transfusion (disorder)
3398004Cadmium poisoning (disorder)
3401001Cercopithecus herpesvirus 1 disease (disorder)
3415004Cyanosis (finding)
3419005Faucial diphtheria (disorder)
3421000Open fracture of orbital floor (blow-out) (disorder)
3424008Tachycardia (finding)
3426005Retained magnetic intraocular foreign body (disorder)
3427001Nonglucosuric melituria (disorder)
3434004Myotonia (finding)
3439009Severe combined immunodeficiency due to absent peripheral T cell maturation (disorder)
3441005Disorder of sebaceous gland (disorder)
3446000Open fracture of T7-T12 level with spinal cord injury (disorder)
3449007Finger agnosia (finding)
3453009Poisoning by levarterenol (disorder)
3456001Chronic progressive non-hereditary chorea (disorder)
3458000Polymyositis ossificans (disorder)
3461004Deep third degree burn of thumb (disorder)
3464007Infection by Oesophagostomum dentatum (disorder)
3468005Neonatal infective mastitis (disorder)
3469002Second degree burn of thumb (disorder)
3472009Spondylolisthesis, grade 4 (disorder)
3474005Glycine max poisoning (disorder)
3480002Burn of wrist (disorder)
3482005Postoperative esophagitis (disorder)
3483000Chronic peptic ulcer with perforation (disorder)
3487004Candidiasis of lung (disorder)
3500002Open wound of ossicles with complication (disorder)
3502005Cervical lymphadenitis (disorder)
3503000Gender identity disorder of adolescence, previously asexual (disorder)
3505007Nonallopathic lesion of upper extremities (finding)
3506008Stenosis of retinal artery (disorder)
3507004Abscess of thigh (disorder)
3511005Infectious thyroiditis (disorder)
3514002Peribronchial fibrosis of lung (disorder)
3519007Disorder of synovium (disorder)
3528008Restricted carbohydrate fat controlled diet (finding)
3529000Infection by Sanguinicola (disorder)
3530005Bipolar I disorder, single manic episode, in full remission (disorder)
3531009Intrapsychic conflict (finding)
3533007Pustular bacterid (disorder)
3539006Enteromenia (disorder)
3542000Laceration extending into parenchyma of spleen with open wound into abdominal cavity (disorder)
3544004Hair-splitting (finding)
3545003Diastolic dysfunction (finding)
3548001Brachial plexus disorder (disorder)
3549009Pancreatic acinar atrophy (disorder)
3558002Mesenteric infarction (disorder)
3560000Bilateral recurrent inguinal hernia (disorder)
3570003Increased blood erythrocyte volume (finding)
3571004Megaloblastic anemia due to pancreatic insufficiency (disorder)
3577000Retinal lattice degeneration (disorder)
3585009Blinking (finding)
3586005Dissociative fugue
3589003Syphilitic pericarditis (disorder)
3590007Enteroenteric fistula (disorder)
3591006Metabolic acidosis, normal anion gap, bicarbonate losses (disorder)
3598000Partial recent retinal detachment with single defect (disorder)
3611003Demeton poisoning (disorder)
3629008Accidental puncture AND/OR laceration during a procedure on a blood vessel (disorder)
3633001Abscess of hand (disorder)
3634007Legal abortion complicated by metabolic disorder (disorder)
3639002Glossoptosis (disorder)
3640000Late effect of traumatic amputation (disorder)
3641001Infection by Coenurosis serialis (disorder)
3642008Disorder involving deficiency of steryl-sulfatase (EC (disorder)
3644009Macerated skin (finding)
3649004Contusion of multiple sites of trunk (disorder)
3650004Congenital absence of liver (disorder)
3652007Overproduction of growth hormone (disorder)
3657001Osteospermum species poisoning (disorder)
3660008Lethal glossopharyngeal defect (disorder)
3662000Paraesophageal hernia (disorder)
3677008Academic problem (finding)
3680009Monocephalus tripus dibrachius (disorder)
3681008Thrombophlebitis of torcular Herophili (disorder)
3696007Nonulcer dyspepsia (disorder)
3699000Transverse deficiency of upper limb (disorder)
3703002Ischiatic hernia with gangrene (disorder)
3704008Diffuse endocapillary proliferative glomerulonephritis (disorder)
3705009Congenital anomaly of anterior chamber of eye (disorder)
3712000Degenerated eye (disorder)
3720003Abnormal presence of hemoglobin (finding)
3723001Arthritis (disorder)
3733009Congenital eventration of right crus of diaphragm (disorder)
3736001Open wound of thumbnail with tendon involvement (disorder)
3738000Viral hepatitis (disorder)
3744001Hyperlipoproteinemia (disorder)
3745000Sleep-wake schedule disorder (disorder)
3747008Ejection click (finding)
3750006Arteriospasm (finding)
3751005Contusion of labium (disorder)
3752003Trichuriasis (disorder)
3754002Dysplasia of vagina
3755001Pityriasis rubra pilaris (disorder)
3756000Static ataxia (finding)
3759007Injury of heart with open wound into thorax (disorder)
3760002Factors VIII, IX AND XI deficiency
3762005Bilateral recurrent femoral hernia with gangrene (disorder)
3763000Expected bereavement due to life event (finding)
3783004Enamel pearls (disorder)
3797007Periodontal cyst (disorder)
3798002Premature birth of identical twins, both stillborn (finding)
3815005Crohn disease of rectum
3820005Inner ear conductive hearing loss (disorder)
3827008Aneurysm of artery of neck (disorder)
3830001Subcutaneous emphysema (disorder)
3841004Blister of cheek with infection (disorder)
3845008Congenital duplication of intestine (disorder)
3855007Disorder of pancreas (disorder)
3859001Late effect of open wound of extremities without tendon injury (disorder)
3873005Failed attempted abortion with acute necrosis of liver
3885002ABO isoimmunization affecting pregnancy (disorder)
3886001Congenital fecaliths (disorder)
3899003Neutropenic typhlitis (disorder)
3900008Mixed sensory-motor polyneuropathy (disorder)
3902000Non dose-related drug-induced neutropenia (disorder)
3903005Traumatic pneumothorax without open wound into thorax (disorder)
3908001Infestation by Haematopinus (disorder)
3909009Coeur en sabot (finding)
3913002Injury of gastrointestinal tract with open wound into abdominal cavity (disorder)
3914008Mental disorder in childhood (disorder)
3928002Zika virus disease (disorder)
3939004Bacterial colony density, transparent (finding)
3944006Placental sulfatase deficiency (X-linked steryl-sulfatase deficiency) in a female (disorder)
3947004High oxygen affinity hemoglobin polycythemia (disorder)
3950001Birth (finding)
3951002Proctitis (disorder)
3972004Primary insomnia (disorder)
3975002Deep third degree burn of lower limb (disorder)
3978000Warm autoimmune hemolytic anemia (disorder)
3987009Congenital absence of trachea (disorder)
3993001Infection by Muellerius (disorder)
3999002Acute pyelitis without renal medullary necrosis (disorder)
4003003Disease due to Alphavirus (disorder)
4004009Monster with cranial anomalies (disorder)
4006006Fetal tachycardia affecting management of mother (disorder)
4009004Lower urinary tract infectious disease (disorder)
4016003Empyema of mastoid (disorder)
4017007Increased stratum corneum adhesiveness (finding)
4022007Vulvitis circumscripta plasmacellularis (disorder)
4026005Interstitial mastitis associated with childbirth (disorder)
4030008Le Dantec virus disease (disorder)
4038001Myrotheciotoxicosis (disorder)
4039009Multiple vitamin deficiency disease (disorder)
4040006Hassall-Henle bodies (disorder)
4041005Congenital anomaly of macula (disorder)
4046000Degenerative spondylolisthesis (disorder)
4062006Lumbosacral plexus lesion (disorder)
4063001Achillodynia (finding)
4069002Cerebral hypoxia during AND/OR resulting from a procedure
4070001Palinphrasia (finding)
4075006Peganum harmala poisoning (disorder)
4082005Syphilitic myocarditis (disorder)
4088009Acquired hydrocephalus (disorder)
4089001Meningococcemia (disorder)
4092002Nonallopathic lesion of costovertebral region (finding)
4103001Complex partial seizure with impairment of consciousness (disorder)
4106009Rotator cuff syndrome (disorder)
4107000Infertile male syndrome (disorder)
4113009Arrested hydrocephalus (disorder)
4120002Bronchiolitis (disorder)
4124006Nonvenomous insect bite of vagina with infection (disorder)
4127004Prostatic obstruction (disorder)
4129001Argyll-Robertson pupil (finding)
413500111p partial monosomy syndrome (disorder)
4136000Macrodactylia of toes (disorder)
4142001Muscular asthenopia (finding)
4152002Acquired hypoprothrombinemia (disorder)
4160001Congenital anomaly of upper respiratory system (disorder)
4168008Tibial plateau chondromalacia (disorder)
4170004Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, procollagen proteinase resistant (disorder)
4174008Placenta tripartita (disorder)
4175009Infestation by Estrus (disorder)
4178006Partial recent retinal detachment with multiple defects (disorder)
4181001Normal peak expiratory flow rate (finding)
4183003Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, type IC (disorder)
4184009Congenital anomaly of endocrine gland (disorder)
4191007Scaphycephaly (disorder)
4195003Congenital duplication of anus (disorder)
4197006Disability evaluation, impairment, class 5 (finding)
419900918p partial trisomy syndrome (disorder)
4208000Closed multiple fractures of both lower limbs (disorder)
4210003Ocular hypertension (disorder)
4223005Parkinsonism due to drug (disorder)
4224004Complication of infusion (disorder)
4225003Tuberculosis of nose
4229009Globe of eye shrunken (disorder)
4232007Chronic vulvitis (disorder)
4237001Suppurative pulpitis (disorder)
4240001Rupture of aorta (disorder)
424200918q minus syndrome
4244005Urticaria neonatorum (disorder)
4248008Synovitis AND/OR tenosynovitis associated with another disease (disorder)
4249000Poor peripheral circulation (disorder)
4251001Internal eye sign (finding)
4260009Sacral spinal cord injury without bone injury (disorder)
4262001Phlebitis of superior sagittal sinus (disorder)
4264000Chronic pericoronitis (disorder)
4269005Chronic gastrojejunal ulcer without hemorrhage AND without perforation (disorder)
4273008Closed posterior dislocation of elbow (disorder)
4275001Spasm of conjugate gaze
4278004Superficial foreign body of axilla without major open wound but with infection (disorder)
4283007Mirizzi's syndrome (disorder)
4287008Chordee (disorder)
4294006Isosexual precocious puberty (disorder)
4300009Deep third degree burn of forearm (disorder)
4306003Cluster B personality disorder (disorder)
4307007Pregestational diabetes mellitus AND/OR impaired glucose tolerance, modified White class F (disorder)
4308002Repetitive strain injury (disorder)
4310000Third degree burn of wrist AND/OR hand (disorder)
4313003Acardiacus anceps (disorder)
4316006Myometritis (disorder)
4320005Factor V deficiency (disorder)
4324001Subacute cystitis (disorder)
432500011q partial monosomy syndrome (disorder)
4332009Subarachnoid hemorrhage following injury without open intracranial wound AND with concussion (disorder)
4338008Arnold nerve reflex cough syndrome
4340003Acrodermatitis atrophicans chronica (disorder)
4349002Open fracture of multiple sites of metacarpus (disorder)
4354006Open dislocation of scapula (disorder)
4356008Gingival recession (disorder)
4359001Early congenital syphilis (less than 2 years)
4364002Structure of associations (finding)
4367009Hoover's sign (finding)
4373005Increased curvature of nails
4374004Congenital anomaly of tricuspid valve (disorder)
4381006Verbal paraphasia (finding)
4386001Bronchospasm (finding)
4390004Lithium nephropathy (disorder)
4397001Partial congenital duodenal obstruction (disorder)
4399003Acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis (disorder)
4403007Exclamation point hair (disorder)
4406004Congenital anomaly of male genital system (disorder)
4409006Adenosylcobalamin and methylcobalamin synthesis defect (disorder)
4410001Retroperitoneal hernia with obstruction (disorder)
4412009Injury of digital nerve (disorder)
4414005Infection by Setaria (disorder)
4416007Heerfordt syndrome
4418008Gangrenous ergotism (disorder)
4426000Ten previous induced terminations of pregnancy (finding)
4434006Bloom syndrome (disorder)
4439001Cyclic oculomotor paralysis (disorder)
4441000Severe bipolar disorder with psychotic features (disorder)
4445009Tuberculosis of genitourinary system (disorder)
4448006Allergic headache (disorder)
4451004Illegal abortion with renal tubular necrosis (disorder)
4461006Complication of administrative procedure (disorder)
4463009Familial amyloid polyneuropathy, type II (disorder)
4464003Rocio virus disease (disorder)
4465002Spherophakia (disorder)
4468000Oppenheim's gait (finding)
4470009Blanching of skin (finding)


See the full registry of value sets defined as part of FHIR.

Explanation of the columns that may appear on this page:

LevelA few code lists that FHIR defines are hierarchical - each code is assigned a level. In this scheme, some codes are under other codes, and imply that the code they are under also applies
SourceThe source of the definition of the code (when the value set draws in codes defined elsewhere)
CodeThe code (used as the code in the resource instance)
DisplayThe display (used in the display element of a Coding). If there is no display, implementers should not simply display the code, but map the concept into their application
DefinitionAn explanation of the meaning of the concept
CommentsAdditional notes about how to use the code